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105 to 145 amp alternator swap question

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Looking at swapping out the factory alternator with the higher amperage one. A local boneyard has one for a decent price. Only thing I am seeing is that the clock position of the 105 amp one on the parts sites says 12:00 and the 145 amp one claims 11:30. Will the wires still connect fine to the new one, and will the higher amperage one bolt to the same location? I am going to be replacing my belt so this would be the perfect opportunity to buy the longer 93" belt vs the 92.25 that is stock.


Looking to do this because of the need for a new belt, possible e-fan conversion, and also because I have an intermittent drain on the battery which I think is related to my old alternator. The truck will start and run every day for 8 months, then one day the battery is completely dead. For $35-$50 it is worth a shot.

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I swapped from a 105a to a 145a on my 2003. It's a simple swap, you will need a new belt though. The housing for the 145amp alternator is a little bigger, which shifts the pulley a little further out, which needs a longer belt. Just tell them it's on a truck/ suv with a 145amp alternator (ex. 2003 Cadillac Escalade with 145 amp alternator).

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i what know if a 145 amp alternator will work on my 2002 Chevrolet Truck Silverado 1500 2WD 4.8L SFI 8cyl. because i have a high power audio system the amp is a lanzar vibe 442n 5000w amp the 12 are 2 pyle pl1290bl blue wave 1200 watts

You can probably order a 160 from a 6.0 powered HD
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