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Leveling Kit Question.

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So this is my first post and I apologize if this has been covered already been covered somewhere else but I have been looking over the forum for awhile now and not came across it. I am looking at doing the RC 2 inch leveling kit in my 2015 GMC Sierra Double Cab. I know it is a two inch leveling kit but does that make the cab 2 inches higher as well? Reason for my question is I just want to make sure I can still fit the truck in the garage. Not going to drive a brand new truck and not be able to keep it parked in the garage. When I walked out of Best Buy today it was just squatting WAY to much in the front. Any input would be awesome or if anyone who has put this kit in their truck could measure ground to top of the cab height. I have the factory 20inch machined alloys with factory rubber on it. Thanks again!

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Since the back of your cab is the highest point, and it is about in the middle of the truck, it should raise that point about 1" considering that the rear axle becomes the pivot point in this equation. Someone correct me if my rough geometry is incorrect.

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sounds about right. best thing to do is just measure it. drive the truck in half way (or where the cab meets the door) and get out the tape measure. as long as you have more than 2" you will be fine.


just remember if you put on bigger tires that will also lift the vehicle some.

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