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Battery drain from odometer lights

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My truck seems to have a problem with the odometer/menu leds turning on sometime after the truck is shut off. Ends up draining my batteries completely. Ive searched everywhere trying to figure out why but havent found any info on how to fix. If anyone has experienced issues like this before any info would be greatly appreciated


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Ya, you have one of the less common failures of the 2003-2006 gauge clusters, but it should be fixable by most any gauge cluster repair service. In the meantime, you can pull the IPC fuse from the underhood fuse block if you don't want the battery to drain every night. Kind of a hassle, I know, but at least if you don't drive the truck for awhile it will save you some grief.


Edit: Just saw your location....whereabouts in IA are you? I travel to Mason City weekly and do basic gauge cluster service as a side hobby.

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I live about 30 minutes north of the quad cities. Few hours away from mason city 

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