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Trailer Stop/Turn Signal Lamp Relay

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I own a 2015 Chev. Silverado 2500HD.   So here is my problem.

I have no left Trailer Stop/Turn signal.  The truck's left Stop/Turn signal light (tail light) operates normally.

The trailer stop/turn signal is provided through a relay (my schematic calls it KR63L) contact.  The relay contact's output is connected to fuse F14 (10A).  The other fuse terminal is connected to the trailer connector.

The fuse is ok.  When the left turn signal is on there is no voltage on either of F14 terminal.

I hope my problem is the relay.  The schematic shows KR63L and KR63R to be located on the same fuse block as the F14 and F17 (right Trailer Stop/Turn fuse).  My fuse cover shows both F14 and F17 fuses but does not indicate the relays.

Can someone tell me find the Trailer Stop/Turn relay KR63L and KR63R? 





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The KR63R and KR63L are integrated onto the circuit board of the main fuse block.  Gm says they are not servicable but I've seen it done on YouTube.  To fix the trailer turn signal lights and brake lights, it will need replaced or repaired.  Check out this YouTube repair for the winsheild wipers relay. 



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