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Snowplow Suggestions for first time owner

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I'm debating what type of plow to buy for my truck.  I have a 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE extended cab and was wondering if there were any suggestions as to what type of plow I should get.  I am only using it for my own driveway and I have a tendency to baby my truck, after all, that's how you get them to last for you.  I have read a few forums and have seen many suggestions about upgrading 1500's to a 2500, but that is just not in the budget.  I do not have any intention on driving it hard.  The plow will go on when we have a storm, and it will be coming back off after I'm done with the driveway, so I guess a quick release mount would be good.  This way, I get around the predicament of it wearing out the front end of the truck.  I'm a self-proclaimed newbie and this is the first post I've ever taken part in, so I'm interested in what people with experience have to say.  


PS...don't get too much into the technical side of things....I'm just a newbie when it comes to plows and truck talk.

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If you're just doing your own driveway and/or very minimal snow removal, you don't need to upgrade to a 2500 truck or get a big plow.  Heck, I've been running a big 8ft Western on my half-ton Burb for years.  I digress though, any of the simple sno-dogg, Western HTS, or smaller lightweight plows will work.  Two other things I generally offer advice on...


1) I would also say that you get something that leaves as little truck side plow mount/hardware as possible because if you're using it so minimally, you don't need a big mount hanging down all year.  Western's Ultramount setup is probably one of the best in this regard, but the others have come a long way also.  Stay away from the ones with fancy motorized attachment methods.  In the "suck" of winter, that stuff will gunk up/freeze up.  Good old manual attachment methods work best and quickest.


2) Any plow you buy, I say go with the most common plow in the area.  Why?  Parts.  Inevitably they will need repair/service and will of course break at the worst time, so you want a plow that has a ready amount of parts available.  Generally (at least here in the midwest), this again is where Western cleans house with the other brands even though Douglas Dynamics owns them and Fisher and many of the hardware pieces are interchangeable.

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