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2024 Canyon Denali engine shudder and shook engine light came on

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On May 16th, I drove to Costco about 30 miles from my home, I pulled into the parking lot and drove over to the gas pump and as I pulled up to the pump the engine started to shudder and shook the truck? I turned off the engine, after filling the gas tank I restarted the engine and the engine light remained on. I drove over the a GMC dealership about a half mile from the Costco. The guy at the dealership put it on diagnostic read out, the code came back DTC P0016( Crankshaft Position Sensor and Intake/Single Camshaft position sensor correlation) what ever that means? The truck only had 4,575 miles on it and drove great. I had scheduled a oil change the next day at another dealership, I had called them about the problem and drove the next day to the other dealership they put it on the diagnostic read out the same code came up, I was told that they cleared and reset codes. Hopefully that wont happen again? Next month we plan on driving to Southern California for the Grandkids graduation( 800 miles round trip) Tack care and safe travels 

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