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Torque converter lockup switch

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So, on the truck in my signature, how would I go about replacing this? I posted something about my truck wanting to die when placed in gear on another site, and it was mentioned that if it seemed like a manual coming up to a stop without the clutch in, to replace this. Well, in recently started doing this, so it must need replaced.

Now, how would I go about doing this, how much should the part run, and how much time am I looking at?

Thanks in advance.


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The only thing that I know of that is remotely close to what you are describing is an electric plug on your transmission case.

I'm not exactly sure where it would be located on your truck or what part you should change though.

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I have different problems with my lock-up, mine keeps unlocking.  However, for a temporary fix, you could unplug the connector on your transmission.  On my 700R4, it is on the drivers side, near the bellhousing, facing up.

There is a relay that could likely be your culprit, I'm not sure where it is located, but I have heard of it causing the same problem you decsribe.  It would be a cheap and easy fix.  It could also be a false signal from the computer energizing the relay.  I doubt the clutches are stuck together inside the transmission.

The Haynes manual has pretty poor information for things like locating the relay, or diagnosing unsual problems.  Good luck.:)

(Edited by Jack Boelte at 11:27 am on April 26, 2001)

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