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still rattling under the hood

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The Patient:


1999+ body style 1500 Silverado, 2WD extended Cable, shortbox. 4.8L 4l60E Tranny rebuilt 50K miles ago.


they Symptoms:


OK. When the truck is cold it rattles a little, it's kind of loud, and it typically makes the rattle sound only about 6 times.... just enough time for it to quit right when i open the hood to look under there and locate the sound.


I've actually also had times where it started rattling again when i closed the hood, only to stop the very second i open it. so i've wondered if this could be a part of the problem some how.


It sounds like it comes fromt he passenger side around the exhaust manifold, not sure though. My dad suggested maybe it's the water pump going out? I have 130K on the truck, so i guess it could be due.


The oil dip tube on this truck is welded to a brace normally. mine broke. (the welds) so i thought maybe this was ratteling aroudn causing the noise. but i don't think it is because i've resecured it and it doesn't seem to have enough play.


I've shown it to a couple different exhaust shops and nobody thinks it's the converters/mufflers. everyone thinks they are fine.


I've heared O2 sensors can do this when they go bad... how can you tell if thats the problem? i've check what it think is all 4 of mine, and they seem snug.


Any other suggestions? everytime i get something fixed....d**n!! it's my work truck though, it's been a real work horse. i push it 3000+ miles per month making deliveries, so i'm due for some heavy maintenance i think. oil had been changed religiously, along with other fluids.


The Diagnosis?




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thats what i've heard too but i'm wondering if a person can shake the O2 sensor if it's loose... because if you can, mine are not. they are firmly in place.


today when i started the truck the rattle was loud again, it was under the heatshield on the passenger side. i popped the hood and could hear it for a few seconds before it quit.


any ideas? Could this be the water pump? I've heard that one of the symptoms of a dying water pump is week heater, and in the last few months i've noticed that mine takes about 3 times as long to heat up these days....



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