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I have tried the websites if most of the major Suspension companies. They are completely WORTHLESS! They list a part number for the kit and maybe even the list of parts included in the kit. Most of my research has been thru message boards like this one and listening to people who have them installed on their trucks.


I am looking for a website or websites that give information about these kits. Is it a knuckle lift or a spindle lift? How much does it drop the differential? Is a new driveshaft or exhaust modifications required? Do you get rear blocks or new springs?


Maybe even a quality rating as tested by independant people??


Something informative instead of a list of parts and a part number for a kit.


Anyone know of a site like this???


Thanks! :seeya:

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Good luck finding such a resource. If one exists, I've never seen it.


When I was shopping for a lift, I tried to perform similar due-dilligence and was also frustrated. I don't think anyone has compiled this information and made it available in tabular form.


Considering how much of a commitment a suspension lift is, you'd be well served to put up with the hassle and compile one for yourself, but I don't think you're going to come up with objective metrics for something like "a quality rating" - everyone has their opinion about this. You could probably get most of the information you're looking for by calling the lift manufacturer and asking for some pre-sales technical support. When I called Superlift, they were polite, happy to answer my questions, and even pointed out some things I hadn't given much thought to at the time.


Here are some general answers to some of your questions:


In general, suspension lifts that drop the front diff 6" or more will require a modified front drive shaft. Specifically a double-cardon or CV joint at the diff end of the shaft to accommodate the higher angle. Superlift says you'll only need this if you have AutoTrac or want to use 4wd at speeds greater than 25mph. I don't have AutoTrac and my experience is that "you need it".


Look at your front driveshaft relative to the passenger side exhaust pipe. Will the front driveshaft occupy the same space as the exhaust pipe if the diff end is four or six inches lower? If your answer is "yes", then you'll need to have the exhaust modified. This is your chance to justify a set of Arizona Speed and Marine headers and a nice Corsa cat-back exhaust.


Most lifts come with blocks for the rear, with replacement springs available for additional money. Replacement springs reduce the amount of axle wrap compared to blocks, but do not get it back to the amount present with a stock setup. A shackle flip might be the best way to go, as this allows you to keep the stock springs and the stock amount of axle wrap. If there's a downside to a shackle flip, I'm not aware of it, but I'm no expert and I haven't researched them much. If you should decide to get new springs instead of blocks or a shackle flip, consider sourcing them from a spring manufacturer instead of the lift manufacturer - you may be able to get something better suited to exactly what you want for similar or less money.



Don't forget to budget for new gears (if you've got less than 4.10 gears and are going to 35" or larger, you'll want to seriously consider new gears), reprogramming the speedometer (Superlift TrueSpeed is the least expensive option), etc.


The FSC forums are a good resource for more information on this issue.

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Thanks for the info.


I read a lot at FSC and have gathered a lot of information. I am looking for a 6" knuckle lift and wanting to run 315's (35's). I know I will have to re-gear to probly 4:56's, but I am just looking for the differences in the "types" or "styles" of lifts. Some you have to cut the front diff. some not. Some drop it a full 6 inches, some just 4.


I guess compilling my own information will be the best way to go.


Thanks! :seeya:

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I don't know if you are looking for experiences or just info, but here goes (disregard if you want).


I have a 1500HD crew cab that I put a 6" Fabtech kit on. It is a spindle kit so my front wheels do stick outside the fenders a tad. My truck came with the fender guards so that helps a little with that. Being in CA and until this year we don't get much rain, I really didn't think it would matter much. It does kind of suck having the water from every puddle I go through splash down the side of the truck. If I had to do over again I would probably go the knuckle route. I choose the Fabtech because it lifts the truck a little higher than the RCD lift, which I was also looking at. My decision was made for me by the wheels and tires I wanted (325X65X18). The tire is very wide as well as 35" tall so I needed the extra bit of lift that the Fabtech gave me that the RCD wouldn't. The Fabtech shocks are crapy, I have since replaced them with Pro-Comp MX6 adjustables which I highly recommend (they are awesome). I have the blocks in the rear. I did experience some axle rap (wrap sp?) as well. I had some traction bars made and that problem has gone away. I also had a vibration around 70mph that wouldn't go away. Turned out to be the front driveshaft. I now have a superlift front driveshaft and all is smooth. Overall I am quite happy with my lift and how it looks. It rides much better than stock (it was very bouncy). The wheels outside the fenders would be my one complaint, I really didn't think it would matter much before I did it. I have 3.73 gears with a custom tune to re-adjust the spedo (Westers). It is a little sluggish to get it up and going, but if I stomp on it, it will still spin the tires. I am thinking of going up to 4.10 just to make the tranny's life a little easier (heck what is another 800 bucks at this point right? :seeya:


Good luck on your lift, and hope it turns out like you want! :chevy:

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