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Foolish torsion adjustment?

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These are my trucks' measurements:

Fr. pass - 35 3/8"

Fr. driv - 34 1/2"

Rr. pass - 38 1/16" (taken with tape flush against wheel inside flare)

Rr. driv - 37 5/8" "


Its pretty effed up so I was gonna take a swing at adjusting it before the dealer plays with it. Thanks for any help..



Well I went out and crawled under my rig to check the torsion bolts (hoping one was loose for an easy understanding of why my truck leans an inch to the drivers side) and found that the adjuster bolts were the same from left to right. I jacked up the front end and cranked the drivers side torsion bolt down a bit to try and level the truck. My new measurements are:


Fr. pass - 35 3/8" ........ now..... 35 1/2"

Fr. driv - 34 1/2" ..................... 35"

Rr. pass - 38 1/16" .................. 38"

Rr. driv - 37 5/8" " .................. 37 3/4"


Theres now about a 1/4" difference between the adjuster bolts and Im wondering if this is gonna cause any problems loading the suspension differently (causing more stress on the driver side).


Is there another adjustment for side to side levelling? Another post talked of "trim adjustments", what and where are these done? Any real knowledge of suspension and the torsion setup would greatly be appreciated.

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