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Need Running Board Pictures

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Hello everyone. I have a 2004 GMC Dually that I just bought last June. I took it in for all the lil toys that it just "had" to have. My only problem was with the running boards that I chose. I ordered the Putco Wheel to Wheel boss bars. They were not on the market at the time but in the process of being built. I paid dearly for them and waited over a month. When they showed up, they were not as pictured in the catalog, nor did they even fit my truck. (mounts were off) Im now wondering if the problems are straightened out and if any of you out there have "real" pictures of these. I would also like to see any other dually pics. Im open to options at this point. The wife is only 5' and having problems getting in and out! :cheers:


You can see my truck and new GTO at http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/805459


Hopefully I will have some pics for this board soon.


Thanks in advance, Bob

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I'm not sure about the Putco's, but if I ever get bars, I'm gonna get the ones made by N-Fab.




I didn't see any duallys in their pics, but I'm sure they could make them. they go wheel to wheel and you can get a third step for the bed if you want. They seem like they custom make them so you could get any length you want.

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