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Just some FYI,


I've spent the last few days downloading, tweaking, categorizing and stuffing as close to 80 min of music on a CD as I could. I burned 6 discs in total for the CD player in the truck. Wasted a few discs :driving: till I figured out it was the discs and not the burner/CD players.


This picture of a disc is pretty much how I came to the conclusion that the discs are faulty.........................:crackup:




This disc had only been played just enough to scan each track, well the first 4 or 15, wouldn't play the rest which is how I intially found this problem on a prior disk.


I use Nero as my burning program, good program I might add, anyway it was good that I saved my burning sessions all I had to do is get some Fuji dics and re-burn.


So much for those cheap discs, will be buying the better ones from now on.





edit: I only burn music @ 8x

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