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Hi Guy's

I know this Jeep does not belong in here but maybe I can get some help ?

My Daughter has a 96 Jeep sport and just had the exaust replaced , the next day her check engine light comes on and I suggested it may be Oxegen sensor for exhaust , however the gaage where my son in law goes say's there is not one for the exhaust ? I really don't know but I've seen so many tough questions answered here by you guy's I figure this will br an easy ona . Thanks in advance . Any help would be greatly appreciated :D

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It probably has the 4.0. there were several 4.0s that had more then on 02 sensor, but definitly it DEFNITLY has an o2 sensor, it's going to be before the cat converter, so just follow the exhaust up and you'll find her.

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did you have the code pulled?


Try this:

To determine which Diagnostic Trouble Code(s) are stored in the PCM of your '97 TJ: Turn the ignition key to the "On" position three times in succession (i.e., On, Off, On, Off, On), within five seconds


The Malfunction Indicator (Check Engine) Lamp will flash the appropriate number of times to indicate the DTC number, with a short pause between the first and second digits (e.g., 2 flashes of the MIL, followed by a short pause, followed by 5 more flashes, indicates error code 25)


The appropriate DTC will also be displayed in the odometer window


Note: All DTCs consist of 2 digits (see table below). If more than one DTC is stored in the PCM's memory, the procedure above will display all codes in succession. Regardless of how many codes are stored, Code 55 will always be the final code to be displayed. Code 55 indicates the "completion of the fault code display on the Check Engine lamp".


ALSO try www.jeepsunlimited.com Great forum, TONS AND TONS of info!!





(used to have about 4 jeeps)

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