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Can a Nav DVD ver 3 be burned like a regular DVD?





Not easiely, the nav DVD is 5.90 GB, a regular DVD will only hold 4.7GB.

It will require a dual layer DVD burner to do it. You may be able to copy it to a file and delete some of the files that you don't need to get it under 4.7 GB (like the canada mapping) then burn it to a regular DVD.

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will the nav systems even run a DVD-R?





The nav units will read a DVD-R, A few people on here have successfully done it (i believe it was linda and sperry)





Maybe so (nav units reading DVD-R), but FWIW (and, IIRC)--the majority of consumer DVD dual-layer burners currently available can only burn DVD+R DL; that, plus I've yet to see any consumer electronics store have any blank DVD-R DL discs for sale; plenty of DVD+R DL blanks but no DVD-R DL blanks.


Having said all that, $10 (the cost for one blank DL DVD; I've seen 3-pk Verbatim DL blanks for sale for around $20) is a small price to pay for making a complete copy of a nav disk which lists for $353 and is available for sale at GMPD for $201 (interesting that both figures have increased from the last time I checked on the price for a 3.0 disc), and can be bought for around $100 on Ebay. Then again, $10 may be too much for some folks when single-layer blanks can be had for as little as 20 cents/disc (for the cheapie-brand ones) when bought in bulk.


In any case, any "copying" would be done strictly to make a backup of an original 3.0 disc which you already legally own...since such copying talk is generally prohibited, right? :thumbs:

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