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Tire Dealers/Tire Experts Help Needed

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I have Firestone Steeltex A/Ts on my truck and they have less than 500 miles.


They are the stock kind on the 2500 HD. 8 ply rating, I think.


They are 3 years old,(I've been running different rims and tires) but always garaged etc in the dark since the last year when I put them on.(Havent been driving it much to save on Fuel) and they have only 500 miles.


I noticed today, the sidewall rubber has all these tiny cracks everywhere. At first I noticed it near one of the seams, but then noticed they are all over.


What can I do? Will Firestone Warranty these since they have so few miles? Can a tire dealer warranty these and just charge me for new mounts and balances?


Is this even a concern?


I've never seen tires look like that, even with tires 6-7 years old.


Firestone had those tire issues a while back if you remember.


Anyone offer any advice on this? Anyone work for a tire place or dealer or anything?


Thanks. Paul


Could you please call me Toll Free with any advice. 24 hours.


or Direct at 760-390-9800


Thanks. Paul

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Here's what I know


1978 - Grandpa had Firestone tires on his car. In less than a year he had two of them split on the sidewall for no apparent reason.


1984 - Dad bought new truck, came with Firestone's, a year later and 3 of them separated at the rim


1985 - same truck new Firestones under warranty, 1 1/2 years later 2 tires developed large bubbles on the sidewalls


1986 1/2 - same truck, new Firestones under warranty (again), 2 years later the tread literally began crumbling off on all 4 tires.


1990's - We all remember the stories on TV


2005 - my new work truck comes with Firestones, I got 10,000 miles out of them before they were completly worn out.



I personally will never never never ever ever ever have Firestone tires on my vehicles.


I have run Big-O, Les Schwab, and Cooper on all my rigs and have never had problems.

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I noticed on my buddies '02 Avalanche, that the stock Firestones are starting to crack around the rim/bead area.


Personally, I've dumped my OEM tires as soon as possible.





Funny you mention that. I talked to a buddy and he went out and looked at his tires(On an 04) and came back and said, " Man, there are tiny little cracks all over. You can't really see them unless you get down and actually look at the rubber close"


I said, Exactly. Just at a quick glance, you'd never see it.


Being 8 ply or whatever they are on HD's and Super Duty style trucks, are these just surface cracks and no big deal?


I've seen people run tires down to the steel belts before and those are thin cheap car tires. Being big truck tires, are these things thicker, and maybe no big deal?


I've had BFG Mud Terrains for 7 years before and while the rubber was faded, there was never any cracks.


This kinda worries me.

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