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Tow mode problem

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I apologize in advance if this was incorrectly placed.


I have an 01 Silverado 2500HD with the 8.1 and 4X4 Allison. It has around 123K on it.


This last weekend I was towing a small car on a light aluminum trailer about 2 hours (Milwaukee to GB) relatively flat and all HWY.


Anyways I get everything hooked up, make sure the lights and brakes are working and pull out. About half way down my street I remembered to hit the tow button. When I clicked it, the light on the dash didn't come on. So I stopped and tried it in park, no luck there either.


So I decided to just deal with it later as I had a max of 4000 lbs (and thats figuring way heavy on the trailer, the car was MAYBE 1800 lbs) behind the truck and I didn't think that would hurt it at all.


So anyways, made it up and back fine but the tow mode never came on, well at least the light didn't.


What is the best procedure for finding out whats wrong? Is it best just to take it to an Allison dealer?


Thanks for any help.



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I have a similar problem. I was in t/h and it was working fine but then would not switch out. After turning off the truck, I can no longer get t/h to engage (no light but it's obvious that the tranny isn't entering t/h mode). Haven't been to the dealer yet but it's not the button on the end of the control stalk as cruise works fine.

note: I don't have the allison tranny.

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