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06 touchscreen w/ 6 disc changer

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Will I got all my parts, and find a small plobelm. The HU does not have a connectoor for the cd changer. Does anyone know if I can use this changer or should get a different HU? Thanks for the help. I know everyone is getting tired of all the some questions. I have searched the the forums so much and have found most of my answer, but can not seem to find them again. Thanks



06 HU 15800001

03 Changer 15207055

?? CD Harness 15312903



This is all going in an 03 Tahoe non-lux

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For the CD changer wiring, look here, specifically at post #88:



You are also going to need the lux amp to use with that head unit. Look here at post #69:



Keep looking through the pages of that same topic to find the explanation of the lux amp wiring.

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