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  1. How did you get yours out? Everyone after your post has said the 16' and newer are not removable. Are there clips or screws or did you just yank?
  2. That is silly. I can't believe they won't cover this while there is an open recall next door. We need to keep letting them know this is unacceptable. FWIW, I did turn auto-defrog OFF in my settings menu, however I notice whenever I use the remote-start on fob or app, the rear defrog is ON when i get to the truck and turn the key on. Sometimes I don't notice until 10 min later and I look down and the rear defrog is on on a clear day. I wonder if that could have anything to do with it, having it be on unnecessarily so frequently..?
  3. Trade your rv in on a toy hauler! Things are great https://www.google.com/search?q=used+toy+hauler&rlz=1C1GCEA_enUS766US767&sxsrf=ACYBGNRWaorQVyvs5_0ohXVvnb5XHOilVA:1579709962340&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwivy5yZzpfnAhWrrVkKHU-vD74Q_AUoAnoECA8QBA&biw=1280&bih=913
  4. no experience as i trailer mine, but i see it all the time. got to think you're good to go. TSC has a lightweight 5x8 that drops to like 4-450 here and there on sale fit the wheeler perfect. my oversized tires and front and rear guards make bed loading a pita.
  5. Glad it worked out! I hate to admit but I use the remote app start almost daily. It's killer convenient, and has turned me into such a lush about getting into a cold vehicle!
  6. I have heard that if you call to cancel and claim either your on a fixed income, or you can't afford the plan, they will cut your rate similar to XM Radio or your cable company, as opposed to losing you as a customer. Could ask for the 'retention department' perhaps. But maybe that's what they tried to do with the free months. Hard to believe they would choose $0/mo over 60% of what they are asking but perhaps Thanks for the tip! That is good to know. Recently had my trucked dropped off at the airport and told my friend to lock the keys in the truck knowing I could unlock with the app. Did not know this feature goes away after 10 days! Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the info here guys. For anyone with the higher trims (maybe all models?) there is a setting under either remote start, or convenience, that says turn rear defrost on auto. Perhaps many should turn this setting off and only use the rear defrost when needed, or sparingly, until we get more info. I noticed one morning that while it was cold, my windows were clear, that the rear defrogger was on. So I putzed around in the settings and sure enough it was on auto-on. Could be related to having it run 10-20-30 min every startup
  8. Just want to check back in. I did the same thing with my truck. It now drives like new again. Make sure you tell the tech you believe it may be TCC -- the service rep tried to write it up as a steering issue becuase i mentioned that the wheel shakes like rumble strips when it happens. The dealer definitely knew about the issue, but didn't verbally address it directly with me. He breezed over it "we've been having some tranny hiccups..." Make sure they follow the bulletin and hopefully others with this issue will have it resolved.
  9. Anyone go with aftermarket lugs as opposed to GM? I have the exposed longer lugs and GM wants $200+ for them in black - I've found them for 185 on sale. But many an ebay listing for them for around $50.... I like going OEM when able -- seems like what can go wrong with a lug? Anyone's thoughts? ($193) https://www.gmpartscenter.net/oem-parts/gm-wheel-lug-nut-and-lock-kit-black-84332438?origin=pla&gclid=Cj0KCQiA2ITuBRDkARIsAMK9Q7NQNSYNgRWPybqimECFVSd7MqmE25s1RM7de-vggWlJVdLMbh9Wz28aAtY-EALw_wcB ($29.95) https://wheeladaptersusa.com/products/copy-of-32-black-truck-lug-nuts-14x1-5-8x6-5-chevy-gmc-silverado-hummer-8x6-5?dfw_tracker=14600-8136926101592&gclid=Cj0KCQiA2ITuBRDkARIsAMK9Q7MIKi5s1jkV2iH3btE-32yHWIKixODc_w0DqWA6vL2FBWUUsX5_SqcaAqG6EALw_wcB
  10. Not the best solution, but since it was asked.. https://www.xda-developers.com/wireless-android-auto-head-unit-hack/
  11. I actually have the same issue. Always and only when either accelerating LIGHTLY or going uphill with low power. As soon as I gun it and it it winds up to higher gears it goes away. Has never happened while not accelerating so I know it's not my 22s being unbalanced or anything like that. And it actually comes and goes. Some days I don't notice it. Other days it shudders and the steering wheel shakes like I'm driving over rumble strips while trying to drive lightly (driving slower to conserve MPG)
  12. Has anyone got the Pixel XL to wireless charge in the GM wireless charge pads? I have the '17 High Country but it doesn't seem to want to work. It is like a millimeter too wide to sit perfectly flat. I tried searching, but you get 100's of replies because "Sent from my Pixel".... But curious if anyone is wireless charging with any Pixel XL or similar 3" wide phones and how they got it to work. Really not pumped about trying to shave down the large plastic trim around the rubber mat to make it a hair wider but that seems like the next step...
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