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  1. Yes it had 8.1 and 4.10 axles.... was a beast. I put a Hypertech tune and a Flowmaster 2in 2 out muffler and it had a DEEP tone. Not to loud but a rumble. 11.5 mpg..... oh well
  2. Joe - you want air bags if needed. It will SMOOTH out the ride - trust me.
  3. Ski Doo- Thanks. I see you have an Avalanche in your AVATAR. I used to have a 2500 Avalanche, loved it.
  4. RAM trucks have a lot more issues..... 2 million recalled for trans shifting by itself.... No thank you.
  5. 6.0 hesitation

    Are you using Tow - Haul button??? Makes a HUGE difference
  6. Thank you Bigmac. I appreciate your comments. I probably will keep my Duramax. For one I probably would take a bath $ wise. I would want one with the 10 speed trans.
  7. No power uphill

    The second cat is not monitored on the 6.0- so a new ecm is not the issue. But your symptons are exactly those of a plugged cat. Did they say what causes a plugged cat? Misfire?
  8. Dodge does not have an engine that compares to the 6.2 in the 1/2 ton. The HEMI is a VERY thirsty engine. Good power but poor mpg.....
  9. Is it an enclosed trailer or open?
  10. I have a 2015 Duramax 2500 which I purchased in 6/14. Love the truck, not crazy about the ride here in pothole country (Michigan). I am curious about how people who have the 6.2 Maxtow package does towing 10,000 lbs. I have a 35 ft Donzi Center Console I tow occasionally. Might consider swapping out to a 6.2 MaxTow (not the 5.3). I know the 6.2 has great power/torque... I am asking specifically Maxtow owners here to chime in about how their tucks handle BIG tow loads... Braking, handling etc. Thank you in advance......
  11. Whitel- Did it vibrate prior to the LIFT ? My truck is dead smooth but I am stock 18 inch MIchelins. A lift changes angles on drivetrain....
  12. Just ordered 4 shocks from ebay $ 281 shipped......
  13. 2016 6.6 Duramax Tuning

    Really not available. If you want a tune its really delete the dpf and lose warranty.
  14. Yeah I love my 4 headlights on my 2015....
  15. Ford had a bigger issue causing theirs to shut down....I had the DEF heater, common problem. Blame the EPA.... not GM.

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