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  1. Block heater is your best bet.
  2. Magnaflows tend to drone, you need a j- pipe.
  3. Rancho or Bilstein?

    Got Bilsteins on the rear. Waiting to put the fronts on at my buddies shop.
  4. I just replaced the REAR shocks w 4600 bilstein. What a chore....I did this on my garage floor by myself The Rear Ranchos were SHOT- they would NOT rebound on their own. My truck has 25,000 miles. Will replace the fronts another day.
  5. Autlead LED headlights

    How does it compare to the Halogen bulbs.? It looks OK. I use Xenon similar to a Silverstar but have the 4 headlight set up.
  6. Nice lights and tires. I hope you like the 8 inch lift- thats extreme. Me, I like the stock height but I am 63.
  7. Silverstar bulbs DO help. Get the ZXE bulbs, pricey but worth it. you want bulbs that only hav a VERY LIGHT blue tint. I am using a H11 bulb called an XD5 from Ebay. Not available anymore.
  8. Sirius Radio

    Its on the roof of the cab on forward side....
  9. Code P21DD (Reductant Tank Heater)

    It would only result in LIMP mode if the main tank heater failed.
  10. Diesel Regeneration

    I understand what your saying and agree with you comments partially. Diesels are cold blooded by nature and take longer to warm up. I was responding to the comment that these newer diesels are not meant to be driven occasionally (or thts what I understood)... cheers
  11. The 6.0 is a great engine. Remember its a 7,000 lb truck so mpg is NOT going to be great.
  12. Diesel Regeneration

    There is nothing wrong with occasionally driving the new diesels. I do it, and have no issues. To say you can only daily drive these trucks is complete BS....
  13. My 2500 is completely vibration free.
  14. Engine Constraints??

    Diesel or gas?

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