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  1. Oil pump issues

    Gas 6.0 or Duramax?
  2. 6.o Tow Haul Mode

    Nothing wrong using tow haul. It keeps you in a lower gear longer and self downshifts. Engine mapping is the same, its all trans mapping.
  3. Much better, OEM exhaust sounds like $hit.
  4. DOWNSHIFT- overspeed will cause fuel cutoff to engage.
  5. Total system shutdown

    Did they test the battery? A Cell grounding out? Loose conection at battery?
  6. This is why I a glad I have the 2015 HD.
  7. The 6.2 LT engine has an aggresive cam. It does not idle dead smooth like the LS engines. It is the same cam as the camaro SS so its a performance cam.
  8. Google is your friend Youtube
  9. These trucks spin the tires when unloaded on wet pavement. But you got 7500 lbs, so don't expect to smoke em...
  10. Should I Go Diesel?

    Leave it stock.
  11. My 2015 HD 2500 is smooth as silk.

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