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  1. You might have a clogged catylytic converter.
  2. Commercial

    Mirrors are on the door from what I see, HD incl.
  3. I saw a white Chevy HD High Country at Kroger in White Lake. It looked very good, almost understated. Duramamx sticker on the hood. It was raining cats and dogs so did not get a pic. Wait till you see one in person.
  4. Duramax not starting

    Flying whiskey- You need to tel us more. Does it click when you turn the key- crank slow or not at all. Document this all. The starting circuit is seperate because of the amps. Is it happening with BOTH keys?
  5. Cat Bak???

    Would like to but I have a diesel .....
  6. Buy new ones from OEM,
  7. I have not installed j pipe, just know they work if designed right.
  8. Coolant leak

    Thats BS. They should have given you a loaner....
  9. Check and clean your cables including ground at the Block.
  10. About to buy 2018 2500 dmax

    I am basing that on my "old" LML. LOL
  11. Couple of quick questions...

    Double flush is wasting your money. The new Dexron is a MUCH better fluid than 10 years ago. First check your fluid color?
  12. Yep, a J pipe. It works. Which rpm is the drone at?
  13. If your going over 30 mph you really don't need the 4wd. Its not really doing anything at that speed since your already moving. 4WD does NOT help with braking or steering over20 mph. turn it to 2wd over 20 mph unless your in deep mud or snow.
  14. z71 Shock replacement.

    Bilstein... and 5100 for the lift. I put 4600's on the rear of my truck and it rides better. Waiting for better weather to do the fronts. Crappy Rancho's

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