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  1. 2020 Sierra HD reveal

    Yeah thats the Clark Griswold look....
  2. 2020 Sierra HD reveal

    I think it will be badazz.... a chiseled look....
  3. You do NOT want a straight pipe if you value your hearing,,,,
  4. 2020 Sierra HD reveal

    How do you know it's ugly? Hasn't been revealed yet- only camo pictures so far.
  5. Is there a crack? The lights have round access panel with a gasket on the back, is that tite?
  6. engine stop start

    The 19' I test drove had a disable switch on it.... not that hard to hit it.....
  7. Inverter that is in our GM's

    I thought my aftermarket was 400 watts. But I don't have it in front of me.
  8. This is the HD Forum. I don't know your answer.
  9. Inverter that is in our GM's

    Dodge- You can buy an aftermarket inverter, but a coffee pot that brews coffee draws ALOT more.. You need one of those ultra quiet honda generators for that. Like 600 watts... I am sure GM doesnt want you burning your truck up
  10. Well first 22 inch wheels, really? Stick with 20's, ride will be improved.
  11. I don't know why mice building nests in your car is GM's fault. You have a rodent problem, any vehicle is susceptible. Hi beams, I would see if there is an issue with craks etc.
  12. Is your truck stock? i.e. No lift, factory wheels and tires?
  13. My HD grille fix

    Actually that looks darn good...

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