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  1. Should I Go Diesel?

    Depends how you drive. Long trips, diesel is better. Short trips, lots of stop and go, get the gas.
  2. IRS on the GM Triplets

    The 2500 Avalanche was built on exactly the same chassis as the 2500 Suburban but only available with the 8.1 They were beasts.
  3. Do a search on this forum. Many threads. Road Force balance the tires. Goodyears are notorious for the shakes.
  4. AT4 HD

    Vehicles with a GVWR over 8600 lbs are exempt from CAFE.
  5. AT4 HD

    Its right there by the push button start. Push one button to start and another to turn off auto stop. I will tell you its really not noticeable on the Silverado.
  6. The FEW time I would tow would not be a big deal. The 2500's are hard to find. A 2007 Denali has the 6L80 trans and 3.42 gears. It will tow a 9000 lb boat 50 miles no problem.
  7. AT4 HD

    You can turn the feature off
  8. It was ratty, had an airbag light showing. No way am I driving a car with an airbag light. New idea- looking at Denali XL w/ 6.2 Has more power, more of them around.
  9. Newb... to this forum anyway.

    Welcome nice looking truck.
  10. Well I need a 4wd and a 2500 suburban/yukon XL will fit my towing needs.
  11. I never folded the mid gate or removed the back window.... I loved the Avalanche- 8.1 liter BBC and had custom dual exhaust with a flowmaster 2 in 2 out muffler- deep tone not too loud. 11-12 mpg..... omg Now I don't drive as much.

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