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  1. I have 2 Brand new Bilstein 4600 shocks -24-196437 - These fit all 2011-2020 HD Front shocks. I ordered a full set and installed the rears. The fronts I never got around to. Brand new in BOX..... $ 100 the pair plus shipping. Detroit area for LOCAL pickup... THese REALLY make a smoother ride than the Ranchos.
  2. 55k is early on plug change. Those OE Iridiums will go 90k with no loss of power.
  3. Well just bought a 2012 Yukon XL Denali. 134k miles but drives great. Selling the 2015 HD 2500 Z71 Duramax that has 30,000 miles on it. It is amazing that I can sell this truck for 75% of the purchase price at 5 years of use. Most vehicles are at 50%. Putting a big fat check in my bank acct. The Denali rides smoother, easier to climb in etc. Take care Everyone!!!!!
  4. Nothing wrong using tow haul. It keeps you in a lower gear longer and self downshifts. Engine mapping is the same, its all trans mapping.
  5. Did they test the battery? A Cell grounding out? Loose conection at battery?
  6. The 6.2 LT engine has an aggresive cam. It does not idle dead smooth like the LS engines. It is the same cam as the camaro SS so its a performance cam.
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