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  1. I’ve got red.... ‘ 20Silverado trail boss with 10k miles looking to trade for black in comparable condition mine look new
  2. what tire size are you running? im wanting to go either 275 65 20 or 285 65 20. have a trail boss with 2'' factory lift looks tough
  3. Happened on mine too i just kicked at it a bit and some of it fell off i did notice a lot of noise coming from the front when turning in 4 hi only. Way more than usual but the ice and snow was caked on good
  4. after a week at the dealership and daily calls with the service advisor my truck is being delivered to my house. apparently the fuse block needed to be replaced that does the starter and soleniod? the service mgr was supposed to call me last night- no call so showed up this am at 7:30 to talk to him. They finished it yesterday but never called me. unreal. we'll see how it does- still pretty pissed
  5. add me to the list.... 2020 silverado trail boss- 6.2- truck died 2999 miles, went to make a left hand turn on Tues evening and the truck shut off. No power steering, no power and wouldn't restart. I sat in the middle of a two lane road for over 30 minutes waiting for a cop and tow truck. Towed to the nearest dealer, that I didn't purchase it from. they are very familiar with me as we have bought 6-7 vehicles from them. They too, couldn't get the truck to start, no rental because they are out of rentals at the moment. They think its a fuse block. Told the service advisor there are 11 pages on similar issues and told them about the site. its Friday afternoon and I still haven't heard back from the dealer (Sapaugh in Herculaneum MO). called the dealer and the “part” still hasnt shown up yet, they aren’t sure whether it was shipped fed ex or UPS. I call bulls*t. They know how it was shipped but I bet they can’t figure out what’s wrong so I won’t have my 60k truck back until Monday..... maybe. I have zero confidence in this truck after reading the last 11 pages. ugh Dave
  6. Are those wheels fuel 513? Man that thing looks tough
  7. Just changed mine out today.... with the same ones no tyme suggested. Much whiter- pia one the pass side for to remove the dust covers and I have a k&n so it was easier but still a pain. Hope they last I've read they only last a few months
  8. Pretty sure the weight is close on those two .... I have ko2 and love them 275-70-18
  9. Kimber Ultra Aegis 3" 9mm in a Milt sparks VM2 or summer special and in cold weather Kimber SIS 5"
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