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  1. I just did the opposite and went from 1500 to 2500. I'd recommend you go on several test drives and then give it some thought. Personally, whether I ever stop RVing or not, i think I'll always have a 2500 + truck from now on. My Ram 2500 is twice to three times the truck my 15' 1500 Silverado was, so much more robust and heavy duty. To each their own though. This is just my opinion. If you want a soft ride and you don't tow or haul much, 1500 is OK. that's why they build them. But for me, again personally, if i can afford it, I'm staying wth 2500HD. 2500 is usually worth more come trade in time too.
  2. I sold my 15 Silverado a week ago yesterday, but i had 10,800 miles on it with no vibrations, ever. The trans shifting was another story and that's part of the reason (a small one, it wasn't terrible) it's gone. But it was a decent truck for the year and a half i owned it.
  3. Now that's wierd. I thought it was attached and you must have seen it, but now it's gone again. Oh well, i give up for tonight, but yes, she sits up there high, wide and handsome thanks!
  4. Duplicate post again. I'm having computer issues tonight. Sorry.
  5. Test, Thanks for your post, that's very encouraging. I appreciate that. My experience was similar to yours. I was trying to work with the dealer who sold me the 15 Silverado. They had a pretty basic 17 Silverado 2500hd. Painted steel wheels, rubber floor mat interior, no bluetooth. They wanted over double the out money compared to the deal i worked out on my ram, which has many more options, has more heavy duty steering and suspension components (comparable to the ford super duty), carpet on the floor and sits up much higher than the 2500hd Silverado. It wasn't even a comparison in my mind. If the Chevy would have been comparably priced i would have really had to think about it, but i probably would have still gone with the ram because i liked it the best of the 3. I have always liked the big rig styling of the ram, which was copied by ford in my opinion when they released the 1999 Super Duty.
  6. Attempted to attach a photo again, no go. Sorry guys, must be too large file size
  7. Sorry man, i tried and the system won't let me upload the picture. I tried. The Snow Chief package gives you a steel transfer case skid plate, an anti-spin rear diff and clearance lights on the cab, maybe a few other items, i can't remember right off.
  8. Sure thing. Like I said there is no perfect truck and all from the big 3 build good trucks. I'm just hoping it gives me good service
  9. Thanks 15, i appreciate that. Yes it's nice, but so are all of the big 3s trucks. It's personal preference, pros and cons and deciding what is most important to you. and yes i don't like foreign trucks! i didn't even consider one
  10. After driving the Ram a few days, i can make a few observations. - the shifting is better on the Ram but not perfect either. No downshift clunks, some engine lugging but not nearly as bad as my Silverado. It's much more willing to downshift than the Silverado with much lighter throttle application. - the interior of my Silverado was nicer than my ram, but this ram is a base model (tradesman) but even in higher trims the Silverado interior is nicer. - the Ram is just as quiet going down the road as the Silverado, the cab is very quiet inside - the throttle on the Ram is much more responsive. This is how the Silverados should come from the factory. I always disliked the lazy throttle on my Silverado. I still think both trucks are nice, good trucks though. Like anything else, pros and cons to each.
  11. Hi Don, Agreed 100% with the weight of my 1989 Layton (heavy for it's size) plus all of the camping gear for my family of 4, firewood, etc. Coupled with the fact that we are looking at bigger campers and the major annoyance of dealing with those crappy Longview slip on trailer tow mirrors every time I tow (and their very limited rear visibility) I felt it was time to move up to a 3/4 ton truck. If I didn't have a travel trailer it would not be as much of a concern, but I just couldn't live with dealing with those slip on mirror extenders any longer, along with the payload concerns of my 1500 series truck. This Ram sits up there high, wide and handsome, no doubt about it!
  12. Thanks, I appreciate that. Like any brand, the 3/4 ton is just so much more substantial in nearly every way so I'm looking forward to seeing how it does on the first camping trip this year.
  13. I don't know the percentage, but it was not too bad at all. Of course I lost some (trade in allowance versus what I paid for it) However, I didn't think it was too bad, considering the truck would have been 2 years old (since my date of possession) in Early May of this year (2017). It also had 10,800 miles on it as well and had a stone chip on the hood, which i touched up but always saw it there and would have had the hood painted this spring if I kept the truck. I used the truck for over a year and a half so i was not expecting to get out of it what I paid for it. Trucks hold their value extremely well and I figured if I was going to make this move, do it now before my truck is any older or has more miles on it and would be worth less. I felt the Dodge dealer was very fair with me and worked hard to get me some extra discounts/rebates. If your a Sam's club member, up until 1.3.17 I think it is, you can get a $1,000 rebate from Sams which my truck qualified for. Without going into specifics, let's say the difference I was out on this deal was partially consumed by what I would have had to spend to put the Chevy OEM trailer tow mirrors on my truck and upgrade the P rated tires. The difference above that was what I really was out on this deal and considering I went to a 2 model year newer truck and 2500 HD series, it was not that big of a difference. Again, I went from a highly optioned LT to a Ram Tradesman which helped make the difference not as large as it would have been. But again, I didn't need all that fancy stuff. I'm a simple country man and just like simple (relatively speaking) trucks. I have always heard if you want to buy a new vehicle, the end of the year there are great deals to be had and this experience confirmed that. Good luck if you decide to make a move !
  14. Thanks, i know it wont be perfect, none are, but I'm hoping for good service out of it.
  15. Thanks. Here she is. Petty basic as it was when I drove it home. Since this was I the works for a few weeks (dealer had ordered this truck prior and it hadent come in yet) I had ordered the Ram molded deluxe splash guards, weathertech bug shield and Raptor series 4" stainless wheel to wheel side steps for it. I got all installed yesterday except the front splash guards. Those are later today's work. Just a basic work truck really, but that's all i need. The Silverado had heated leather seats (don't like leather), navigation, remote start, the 7" touch screen, etc. None of that in the dodge, but it does have pw, pdl, cruise, Bluetooth phone connectivity ac, back up camera, rear sonar system, oem trailer tow mirrors with integrated turn signals, clearance lights and puddle lights (heated), Snow Chief group with a steel transfer case skid plate, led bed lights (Silverado had those also), etc. It will suit it's purpose well. Edit, i can't get the picture to upload for some reason. Sorry about that
  16. Yesterday I traded my 15 Silverado 1500 for a 17 Dodge Ram 2500 HD. I don't have anything bad to say about my Chevrolet. It was a decent truck for the 11k miles I owned it. I wanted a 2500 series truck a year and a half ago when I bought the Silverado, but convinced myself i didn't need a 3/4 ton truck. Since that time I know loaded for camping trips i was only a few hundred pounds under the payload rating and that bothered me. Plus we are looking at bigger campers now, so I'd have had even less margin. The Chevy dealer wanted around $1200 to put trailer tow mirrors on my truck and the Ram came with them. I just couldn't see putting that money into the trailer tow mirrors, spending $800+ to upgrade the tires and then still have a 1/2 ton truck. I decided it best for my family to put that money into a 3/4 ton truck and have a lot more margin. I didn't care for the carpeted inner wheel wells, wax coated frame, and some other issues, but those are minor complaints. No truck is perfect, I'm sure the ram will have it's quirks also. The tundra seems solid, but i don't like foreign trucks personally. The Silverado treated me well. It was a good truck. After looking at the 2500HD Chevrolet, F250 Ford, All things considered, i liked the Ram the best. I liked the looks of the Ram best and they have some innovative features like the in floor storage bins, under rear seat recessed storage area,etc. The 6.4 Hemi has a lot of power. I just wanted to thank you all for all the help over the past few years. You all are great and this is a great forum. Happy New year. I wish you all the best. Take care, - G
  17. I just traded my 15 Silverado on a 17 Ram 2500 HD and love it. I don't have anything bad to say about my Chevrolet, just preferred the Ram 2500 to the Chevrolet 2500 and Ford F250. All good trucks in my opinion. Dodge has a lot of bang for the buck. It's worth considering. Good luck.
  18. I can't remember if I've posted in this thread before or not, but if I've not add my truck to the crappy shifting 6 speed club. I nearly didn't buy this truck with how each Silverado shifted on test drives, but i did anyway. Shame on me. Regardless of fuel mileage standards, whoever programmed these 6 speeds and later whoever approved them to go into production should be immediately fired. To spend what we have on these trucks to have to "live" with shifting like this is complete BS. Yeah, GM, this is "normal" my butt!
  19. Yep, my 15 was the same way, so i added the sierra z71 4x4 emblems to the front fenders, same location as where the sierras are located.
  20. Well i can feel the op's pain. My truck has 10,500 miles on it now and in the rain on wet roads, you do need to be careful. I have the garbage SR-As, and i drive my truck like there's an egg on the gas pedal (like a grandpa) I'm an old school posi rear guy. I'm NOT impressed at all with the G80 locker in my truck. Most times it does not lock. I'd much rather have a posi rear again. I didn't have this problem in the trucks i had with posi rears
  21. You need a new outer chrome bumper face bar along with a new step pad for the top. May be able to just straighten the sub structure if it's not bent hard.
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