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  1. Can't say I've had that exact issue but out of curiosity are you starting to near your oil change interval? Since these ecotec3 motors all use the engine oil moving through tiny passages to activate and deactivate AFM I have found that once my oil starts to get "used" the afm becomes increasingly rougher in transition. I have found switching from the ac delco semi synthetic a quality full synthetic helps significantly. Perhaps if not already doing so you could give that a try and see if the condition improves?
  2. If you have a code reader to reset the engine light see what code it throws that might give you an idea as to what the issue might be/have been and if it needs to go in for service. I had that code once when I first bought my 2014 Sierra, it was a very cold winter day and got that message, noticed my volt gauge was reading quite high while idling and figured the battery might have gone into a state of discharge from the cold. When I got home i hooked up the trickle charger overnight and the message never came back however I never had a check engine light so i'm not sure if it would be the exact same situation but I would say let us know what code it throws and charge that battery to full.
  3. New guy from Canada...

    Welcome from a fellow Canuck, I have owned four of the latest K2 generation of GM trucks. I have owned both double cab and Crew cab, 5.3 and 6.2 Configurations. First off I can whole hardheartedly recommend either a Chev or GMC 1500 all of mine have performed flawless no issues squeaks rattles or anything. My opinion is if you have a couple young ones the Crew cab is definitely a good option, double cab is not bad but the extra space is really nice in the crew models. The 6.2 vs 5.3 question for me would come down to your intended use, the 6.2 returns basically the same fuel mileage as the 5.3 but its nearly a 3k option and you really should be running premium in it so there is the extra cost associated with that. Also unloaded tooling around town or down the highway you really wont notice a difference as the 5.3 is not an under powered motor at all. If you are someone who tows regularly or you just have a bit of a lead foot and enjoy rolling on the accelerator regularly then you will probably dig the 6.2's extra grunt it definitely moves my enclosed trailer and boat with more authority then my last 5.3. I agree with you on the nice look of the all terrain model, I dont mind the red contrast stitching I think the bigger thing for you to consider is if you are wanting the Cooled Seats, that was a big want for me on my truck and the all terrain leather is not perforated and therefore cannot be optioned with cooled seats. I have not owned a Denali model, personally I kind of prefer the Chevrolet front end look so I went with the High Country, the differences are mostly cosmetic other then the magnetic ride in the Denali. The Denali looks sweet but If you are looking for ultimate bang for your buck you'd probably be best to spec yourself a well optioned SLT or SLT all terrain. Hope that answered most of your questions, obviously keep in mind this is all my opinion from my own experiences and I'm sure there will be plenty on this forum who can offer up some wisdom as well, all the best in your future decision!
  4. New 2019 Silverado Info In One Month - What's On Your Wish List?

    Ugh did they confirm that? I sure hope thats not the case, I was under the impression from some of the spi photos that the column shifter was staying for the 19's. If GM has been listening at all to the consumer input they will have kept the column shift, I have yet to meet a GM truck owner who would wish away their column shift for a rotary dial.
  5. To be honest 3" is a rough estimate 2-3 might be more accurate basically sits just slightly below level with the trailer loaded and hooked up but it's a good point although I have a heavy duty Anderson hitch I don't have a WD hitch so that's on the list as well! Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  6. Haha yes it's crazy how quick the back end dips when some weight is back there! I really like that the firestones are bolt on install and sounds like they hold up well, thanks for the response! Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  7. Ok so I've been looking into helper springs for my 2017 Silverado 1500. I'm looking most heavily at Firestone RideRite air bags or Sumosprings but I'm open to hearing what if anything others are running under their rigs. Ideally I'm looking for something to retain the trucks factory soft ride during my long unloaded highway commutes but provide the leveling support while towing my 24ft enclosed car hauler with roughly 7-800lbs tongue weight. Currently when towing the truck squats about 3 inches and although it seems to shoulder the weight reasonably well, I think having the extra support would make for a safer tow plus im sure on coming traffic does not appreciate the ultra bright factory LED lights shining up in their eyes. Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  8. Definitely a change, not sure if i'm a big fan yet, I actually like the "Chevrolet" across the tailgate kind of a cool throwback. Dislike the mirrors mounted that way though. I'm hoping with that factory dual exhaust that GM will offer its active exhaust option for 6.2 equipped trucks!
  9. Lets See Some Towing Pics!

    Pulling the S185 Bobcat around Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  10. I don't have personal experience with the older gen LH9 but a co-worker of mine traded his 2010 denali for a 2017 with the L86 and he says although the new gen motor is quieter its noticeably more potent and on top of that I can tell you the difference in build quality in the new 2014 and up trucks is night and day compared to the 07-13. I love my L86 and i'm not sure what "plagued with issues" some have mentioned is referring too but I have not had anything to complain about on this truck, nothing mechanical and no squeaks rattles, loose panels NOTHING. It has hands down been the best built most refined truck I've ever experienced, I'm a sucker for a good deal and I love this gen of GM trucks i'd say go for an 18, let the 2019 guinea pigs figure out the bugs on the new truck then if you are so inclined trade your 2018 on a 2020
  11. I wouldn't be too concerned so long as it only rises briefly then pulls back to ~210ish The ecotec3 motors use electric fans for additional cooling not hooked up permanently to the motor like in the Hemi's and other V8's. This makes them more fuel efficient but as a result the trucks computer is constantly turning on and off the fan biased on engine temps so while you're driving down the road normally the fan is off, then when you downshift to pass or hit a grade and the engine beings to work harder the temp momentary increases slightly before the computer can activate the fans and bring temps back in check.
  12. My 17 silverado came with the Good Year Eagle LS2 tires, they are definitely A road bias tires no good for off-roading at all and the tread wear rating is only 360 so it likely wont last all that long, however the shorter tread life is likely due to its soft construction which does give it quite a cushy ride. I imagine the conti's have a higher tread wear number and thus trade ride quality for longer life. Anyways if you are interested in a softer ride stop by your local GM dealer and you can usually pick up a new set of Good Year LS2 "take-off" tires for big discounts at the dealer it might not make a massive difference compared to downsizing the rim but I think there would still be a decent improvement.
  13. I have owned three of the 5.3 Ecotec3 engines prior to my current 6.2 ecotec all of which managed consistent low 20's for mpg with about 90% highway (completely stock). More specifically to answer what I think the original question was I never noticed any significant mpg improvements in any of my new trucks the mpg achieved over my first 5,000k was consistent though to ~50,000k My guess is the mpg you are seeing now is what you will continue to see, dont expect the truck to drastically improve.
  14. Drying Towel

    For what its worth I have always just bought the large green microfiber drying towels from Walmart, they have worked just as well as the CG microfiber towels for a fraction of the price, I use CG MR.PINK soap which I have been very happy with.
  15. Well said! I can 100% second this advice. If you are going to drive icy/winter roads regularly its well worth the upfront cost to get a set of winter rims/tires I use Michelin "LTX Winter" they have performed very well in icy slick road conditions they are E Load rated so perfect for HD trucks. Although the factory A/T tires will bite well in deep snow they still get rock hard in the cold and wont provide much adhesion to the ice compared to the winter specific rubber the difference is night and day, I can go outside on a frigid morning and the tread blocks on my LTX tires still have flex when pushed with my index finger, its that flex at cold weather that allows it to safely stop and steer your truck in the worst of conditions. If you've never experience winter tires you may say A/T tires work fine but once you have a set of winter tires you will never settle for anything less!

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