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  1. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    I think I'll be in the market for a crew cab turbo by the end of this year, or spring next year. My dealer has 6 on the lot, so I might try to test drive in the coming months when my work projects are done and it's not so busy every weekend.
  2. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    You mentioned above regarding the bones not being chewed, I’ve attempted to get answers on the bones, you have not replied. You came to the 2.7 thread and posted your 4.3L mileage being better, stating none of these facts regarding your build. So I came to find your build and I see your question regarding these bones. If you can’t see the dishonesty in that, I can’t help you. Again, when you make a claim in a knowingly stock for stock thread. If we’re talking about changing transmission , lowering the truck, changing oil weight, and turning off the A/C on a 2.7, it’d be a great comparison. Maybe someone could try that. Going without A/C and things like that is hyper-miling. Nothing wrong with it, when done legally, as you’re doing. It is hypermiling though. Just semantics I guess. You do you. It’s a neat build.
  3. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    Not bashing the speed limit. His thread history is missing the point. To post a claim to people, who may or may not have the history of the build, with a mileage number of a modified vehicle in a stock thread is dishonest. To post mileage attained only through hypermiling techniques so far out of normal driving in a stock thread, is dishonest. I don’t care what he does for his own personal gains. I care that he made a statement that the 2.7’s mileage is worse than his, didn’t give the facts, and then acts like that is reason enough to hate the 2.7. His blatant use of head in sand regarding the capabilities motor is astounding to me. I’m not even huge on the motor, because I tow a lot. It’s ok to be old school. I have nostalgia for clicky 100MB hard drives and tone driven BBS. But I don’t pretend that the old stuff I love is superior in almost any way to the modern stuff.
  4. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    That is mighty narcissistic of you. Haven’t heard a response to the act of balance. FACT: Do you see big trucks throttled to 40mph? FACT: Do you see low speed operators still accept the weight of fairings and damns on their payload. FACT: Do you see all trucks with 2.39? Or do you see more midrange 2.70-2.90? FACT: Do all farmers stick with a T6 because it has most of the line pull, or is sometimes the T7/8 without the hubs chosen because it can line pull the same weight much faster? You won the hypermiling award, I don’t think anyone disputes that. However, we refer to real world use for a reason. If you’ve got nothing to do, your tactics all make sense. Some need to use their truck as a truck. I don’t raise or lower mine because it puts in work. It goes in the woods, it goes to the grocery store. It tows frequently. You have claimed that people only concentrated on speed. Yet when rebutted you remain quiet in the other points. The problem was your ridiculous claim of mileage in the other thread. A claim WITHOUT disclosing that your truck is heavily modified to one purpose, fuel efficiency. Dishonest at best. Now if you want to give fuel numbers for a stock 19 V6 like I had, but with your driving methods, those numbers could be taken for debate.
  5. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    Also incorrect. Transport teaches you a thing or two. Number 1 is balance of these hypermiling techniques. Ask any professional driver that’s been on the road a decade or two. Just a hint, GM’s JiT loads aren’t compatible with 45mph.
  6. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    You wiped out everything you said when you mentioned Midwest and only the interstates being over 55. All I can say is get out more. Strongly suggest you look at Indiana and Ohio. Plenty of 60 and 65 speed limit STATE HIGHWAYS.
  7. Trays are superior in almost every way. It’s a shame that it’s so difficult to get one equipped from the factory with one here in the USA.
  8. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    Strangely enough, I find it odd when I drive from North East Indiana to South West Georgia, I have a hard time slowing the pace. Outside of Fort Wayne, highway 30 is 60mph with most doing 70mph. When I get off of I65 in Alabama and make my way into Georgia to Highway 97, speed limit is 55, but I’m lucky to find people going over 50. We just ride slow with our arms out the window.
  9. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    This is all getting quite off topic. If bustling around caused all life to be missed, the proper application of expedience was simply missed. There are places to gain time and places to lose time. Driving below speed limit is your prerogative. Likewise, I don’t do 90 in a 70. But 70 in a 70 gets me there fine and saves a couple of hours over a 900 mile trip in one day. Your life advice is nice, but is not applicable to all situations. Chase objects and your life will be hollow, chase memories instead. Moving quickly to gain the experience and knowledge required to earn the time to make those memories? Aye there’s the balance beam.
  10. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    Not sure what your location is or your mix of driving, the 4.3L I drove here didn’t even come close to that over 6 weeks. I put 3500 miles on it in that time. But I’m 70/30 city highway. My 2017 5.3 has a lifetime (just got over 20K yesterday) hand calculated average of 15.1. It’s all stock with 318lbs of tools in the bed. Again, 70/30.
  11. I feel like I'm the only person that likes the nice low chrome ones. I feel like all these tucked up to the rocker are serving no purpose other than to kick my large boots into the side as i try to get my foot all the way on the platform. I want a STEP, that my entire foot, front to back and side to side, fits on. That I can stand up and work on top of the roof while on it with both feet.
  12. Did I say it was a linear equation? Is there a manufacturer currently claiming 13.7K? Half tons are not pulling 53' boxes or 45' flats, nor do they involve the math with sliding or spread axles. The trailer is either loaded in a way that a truck can pull it, or it can't. Example: Our work F-150 5.0L SuperCrew 6.5' with the HDPP. Door tag is 2650#. Factory equipped with LT tires. Has no problems with 1900 on the pin, about 10.5K trailer+load. Big Tex 14GN trailer. Typically has 2 passengers in it as well. Still goes under GVWR (7850) on the scales. The point is the brakes should be built for the GVWR of the vehicle. Brakes have only gotten bigger across all models. The F-150 mentioned has 1.25" larger diameter brakes than a 2000 2500 does. I'm all for being smart with weight, but it's time to stop pretending that the half tons of today aren't every bit of the 3/4 tons from 20 years ago.
  13. For me, anyways, all the metrics are preaching to the choir, and there's many more factors and configurations that go into it beside what was mentioned there. The point of the statement is this: You're around 17-20K for a fueled up OTR tractor. Behind it is say an empty dry van trailer, weighing about another 15K. You'll put another 35K on it. So you have a truck that weighs 20K being pushed by 50K. But the argument is always that "the brakes will never make it" or "the trailer will throw it around." The world goes round with smaller vehicles pulling larger loads. Only in the USA do we have this fetish that a truck needs to be yuge to pull any decent load, the rest of the world has been getting on just fine with their Outbacks and Focus wagons with little diesels pulling 4K pounds around. Slow down, stay the speed limits, have a load that matches the trucks abilities (GRAWR, GFAWR, GCWR, and GVWR), and send it. If you want to exceed any of those points, like speed, then be prepared to upsize. But maybe I'm special. I don't get white knuckle merging, I don't worry about my truck revving in the slow lane, and I am certainly not concerned with my load swaying because it's properly dialed in with proper equipment.
  14. Saw a YouTube video today of some half tons doing 5vers and goose necks. Queue the 1 ton police. BS like the max tow should know tow 7K MAX. I don’t know how people think semis get down the damn road. I’ve never had these issues being pushed into runaway ramps and dived off bridges with a truck loaded near max. Then again I drive a responsible speed. I merge onto the highway when I and the load is ready, I don’t try to get to traffic speed. There’s left lanes for that. You mention that a half ton today has more capacities than their 70’s brethren and its back to “but mah steel!”. Damn old school thoughts that just won’t die.
  15. That’s really strange, I thought that 19 was a new platform that we made forums for. Better tell the admins. Also weird how that 2018 has a 2500 badge. Didn’t know they made a half ton with a 2500 badge in 2018. I guess the more you know.

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