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  1. 2017-2019 Gas or Diesel

    I just have to throw this out there. Scania. THE V8 diesel. Also the Wartsila 31 ship engine at 6,000+ HP.
  2. The clunk is the new normal. When you have transmissions constantly searching for the lowest gear, downshifting to supply extra braking, and AFM kicking on and off, the truck simply can’t be synchronized well enough when the input comes from an imperfect human control. My F-150 6spd have done it, my 2017 1500 (5.3 6spd) does it, the Ram I test drove does it, hell my 6spd Ford Fiesta did it. I don’t really think it’s a reliability concern (my dads 95 Bronco shifted hard enough to bounce drinks in the cup holder when it was super cold). I just think in the era of fuel economy at any cost, this just has to be accepted as the new normal.
  3. Some of it was discussed above. GM seems to be taking it into account as according to the 1500 conventional vs 5th wheel charts, 5th wheel gets derated as 15% payload reaches payload capacity for the model. Example is the 4wd Double Cab 4x4, 9,000 5th wheel or 9,200 conventional. 15% kingpin weight puts you at 1350lbs of payload when the trailer is 9,000lbs (if balance was perfect anyways). These numbers are supposedly SAE certified, which means the 1500 did this on a 12% grade to get these numbers.
  4. That’s it? An incorrect statement regarding an English colloquialism? You’ve just continued to prove my earlier statement. Have a good one.
  5. You weren’t just having fun, you’re just hurt that you have to eat crow and you’re getting called out on it. Nice job back pedaling. You can spread your fake news elsewhere.
  6. Are you trying to prove you have the lowest IQ? I told you it’s in GM Fleet. Https://www.gmfleet.com/content/dam/gmfleet/global/master/nscwebsite/en/Home/Resources/02_pdf/2018-chevrolet-trailering-and-towing-guide.pdf
  7. I don’t have time to look up the manual, but google Silverado 1500 5th wheel capacity. Around the first link should be the 2018 GM fleet towing guide. In there is a chart of all the 1500 models 5th wheel ratings.
  8. I saw this gem of a 2017+ model on I-69 with me in Fort Wayne. It’s a double cab, so 6.5’ bed. It was tracking perfectly staight, but there was some porpoising on bridge expansion joints. Seemed to have no issue with cruise control on the hills. We were both doing 68-70.
  9. I did that for the back of my Ford Fiesta. But I actually use the seats in the back of my truck on the weekend so it would be more of a pain in the butt than anything. The seats aren’t used during the week though. I definitely appreciate the folding ability, makes it quicker to transition.
  10. Using my double cab for cargo rather than seating, I would LOVE this. Probably the one thing I don't like about my truck at this point, everything else about it is great. But that floor makes it so difficult to load items.
  11. I have been seeing a 2019 camo covered what I believe is a Double Cab running around Fort Wayne for about the last 1.5-2 months. I’ll be in the market for another Silverado in the summer of 2020 so we shall see. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks for the heads up on that. Sad to hear . I live in urban sprawl, and it'd be mighty handy to be able to suck them in while navigating, while still being able to see. Still, I'm getting more and more convinced I want these. I'll know with my first camper pull (though we will be renting a smaller 20ft camper). My only reservation is the fact my truck is a lease. I'll need to keep the old mirrors and harnesses and convert everything back at the end of the lease, which means I can't sell the parts for $$. Still thinking about it though. Thanks!
  13. So it appears that the bezel is the same between mirrors that are powered? Only the switch needs replaced to add the powerfold button? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I find this extremely interesting as I bought my truck to pull a camper and I'm curious how much it would cost. I have a 2017 1500 LT with the power heated DQ8 mirrors with no lights. What kind of tow mirrors can you put on? Can you go powerfold/extend with running lights on a 1500 or is it 2500 only? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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