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  1. Well a little math and it looks like 1.3 amps on 115 volts and I assume thats continuous rated so you might get a little more out for a short time. Certainly not enough for a crock pot, your table saw or microwave. I am assuming there is an inverter someplace that could be upgraded to perhaps 500 watts. But your going to draw a lot of 12 vdc amps to do 42 or so and thats not figuring in the loss in the inverter which could add 20%, just guessing.
  2. Got my Range AFM module in and test drove this morning. Did not do the Shudder test at the spot it happened….. But it shifts like a dream. The Crappy 1-2 2-1 shift is gone. It was like driving my old 2006 again. Thanks Guys and Gals for the help!!
  3. Well I got my AFM delete Range in the mail today and I am going to see if it works or not. Its the around town, slow traffic, shifts a lot what annoys me. And now of course the Shudders. I am out of warranty so thats scary.
  4. Some of us wish we could. They decided to leave the fragments in, I still have the scar and memories from Nam.
  5. Goshers makes one that is about $600 BUT not for metal bumpers. for those of us with the plastic insert step rear bumpers with nothing behind I do not know why those sensors which are not very big and have brackets, can not be mounted behind those plastic insert steps?? http://www.goshers.com/radar-blind-spot-detection-system-bsds-rd1630/
  6. You have never ran an engine without an air cleaner? "PCV TO THE RESCUE!!! To save the driveways of America, auto manufacturers came up with POSITIVE CRANKCASE VENTILLATION or PCV. With this system, a vacuum is drawn on the engine crankcase from the intake manifold or carburetor base. A valve is put in this line which closes under low vacuum. This enables the engine to have no PCV action when starting, or at low vacuum. When the engine runs, air is sucked through the pcv valve, taking the blowby gasses into the intake manifold, where they are burned. To prevent a vacuum from developing in the crankcase, fresh air is admitted through a special filter. This filter was originally the same "filter cap" that the draft tube used. Later engines have the filter on the air cleaner, usually with a tube leading to one valve cover."
  7. Sorry Doug those PVC valves had a hose directly to that air cleaner as I described, how else could they pull a vac on the CC? That valve had a hose that went to the air cleaner so the carb could pull the vacuum. The air entering the CC was through the oil fill cap which had a mesh screen filter open to the atmosphere on the opposite bank of the V8. I worked on many of those setups. The air cleaner is always in a vacuum when the car is running with a carburetor. My first car I purchased in 1958 and it was a 49 Ford flat head six. http://econofix.com/pcv.html for reference.
  8. Anyone remember the first PVC valves? It was a check valve stuck in as I remember on the Ford drivers side valve cover top rubber grommet and the hose was routed directly into the air cleaner housing, before the filter element. So all that stuff was filtered before getting sucked into the Carb intake. When the bottom of the air filter housing got covered with oil or the air filter element got oily you know you had problems. I had overhauled a couple of engines from that era and never noticed a lot of carbon on the intake valves. Maybe the air filter housing and filter element were acting as a catch can?
  9. Is there another one on the market other than the Range? Is there a way to switch from AFM delete to normal mode while driving, other than stopping the truck and pulling it out when its not running? Never mind I had one ordered.
  10. I have a 2014 Silverado with 5.3 and 6 speed, 64,000 miles and I love it. But its the stinking transmission I hate. Now today it started the Shuddering thing, just once or twice. I was planning on this being my last pickup before the retirement village move. Now thinking I should be looking for a new one. I love my Chevy, but maybe another brand this time around…. after 40 years of GM!! PS Has someone retro fitted like a older GM transmission to these?
  11. Honest to God, I have the 21014 six speed and its driving me up the wall. Today I get the shudders, first time I noticed ever. Crazy up/down shifting. I suppose I should go find anther Thread for the six speed. Will a fluid flush fix it? I had it in to CarX for an oil change 64,000 miles and they recommended the transmission fluid flush as GM said its due??
  12. I would never run E85 in my truck but I tried the M5 today and it works great!!
  13. So stupid question of the day, and no I did not read all 31 pages. 2014 Silverado, 5.3 59,900 miles and automatic of course. Will doing away with the AFM in town, help the extremely crappy 1-2 or 2-1 shift?? I swear its getting worse, dealer says, "thats just the way it is" I am assuming I just can turn it off or on as needed?
  14. No hole in the block? It sure looked like there was one. so how are they driving the mechanical fuel pump? I had assumed it was off the camshaft.
  15. Ok my 2014 will be out of Warranty in a few days and looking to make the 6 speed transmission just that. No adaptive learning and etc, just shift when I want it too. Suggestions or Links to Threads would be great. Not wanting to race, or spend a whole lot of money. Just want it to be like the 2006 I had, just work. Thanks in advance.
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