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  1. Trailer lights

    BS as I recall the wire bundle is back underneath by where the hitch would go. Just need to find, uncoil the wires and splice as needed. If you want electric brakes that's another story.
  2. So I towed fine with my 2006 5.3 1500 Silverado, in fact towed a lightweight 17 ft fiberglass Casita all the way to Alaska and back. That truck did ok., Now with my 2014 with the same engine, but the wimpy 6 speed and towing about the same weight camper, under 3300 lbs dry and maybe 3700 with some water and some cargo in the trailer. Advise or concerns?
  3. Oil Filter observation

    So this is the old long filter that was always an option at least on the 350 engine anyway, and I wondered why. Now the new trucks are using larger oil capacities it makes sense to use it.
  4. My guess 6 to 8 K with the repaint job your going to need to make it all match. NO Bondo.
  5. Free Exhaust Mod!!

    I just used a 1/4 inch machine bolt and nut with some washers and went left to right under the lower part and tightened down. Yes its CCW or Left. Does make it louder at idle.
  6. That is funny, not really. But did you check your owners manual to see what turns that warning on? As I recall on mine one thing was overheating.
  7. Throttle Delay Eliminators

    Boy do I see the liability issues with this, not only for the seller but the end user in case of an incident or accident.
  8. Lean used to mean engine running hot, burnt valves and perhaps piston damage. Does that still apply with high pressure direct injection engines. with high compression ratio?
  9. Ditto, and when they ask what your going to haul tell them a mattress. I have had Rental places tell me whatever is too heavy and they won't rent to me. BS.
  10. 2014 and newer Mechanical Fuel Pump

    So what kind of parts and labor cost is involved?
  11. 2014 and newer Mechanical Fuel Pump

    Yes the mechanical direct injection pump.
  12. Take the key out and place in pocket
  13. I was told on my 2006 the flush is all they do at the dealership unless the truck has been used for heavy duty towing then they do the filter also.
  14. Vacuum pump & mechanics

    I was under mistaken idea that since these trucks have high pressure direct injection fuel systems that engine vacuum was not available?
  15. Who likes their 6 Speed?

    On my trip home from Georgia it was driving me crazy with the clunk, delayed shifting and hard shifts, most when in traffic jams in Atlanta and Nashville. BTW you could not pay me enough to live and have to drive in those areas! I did not know when I could shift into the Manual mode so I just left it alone. Am I happy with the six speed, yeah I'm happy I do not have the eight speed!!

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