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  1. I would never run E85 in my truck but I tried the M5 today and it works great!!
  2. So stupid question of the day, and no I did not read all 31 pages. 2014 Silverado, 5.3 59,900 miles and automatic of course. Will doing away with the AFM in town, help the extremely crappy 1-2 or 2-1 shift?? I swear its getting worse, dealer says, "thats just the way it is" I am assuming I just can turn it off or on as needed?
  3. No hole in the block? It sure looked like there was one. so how are they driving the mechanical fuel pump? I had assumed it was off the camshaft.
  4. Ok my 2014 will be out of Warranty in a few days and looking to make the 6 speed transmission just that. No adaptive learning and etc, just shift when I want it too. Suggestions or Links to Threads would be great. Not wanting to race, or spend a whole lot of money. Just want it to be like the 2006 I had, just work. Thanks in advance.
  5. Ok a follow up to the follow up. Not only did they need to R&R the Pinion bearing but the two Carrier bearings as well because of metal debris contamination. It would have been a lot cheaper for GM to just do a non-expire TSB. This had to have cost at least a $1,000.
  6. It was not really a TSB but a service advisory, If customer complains thing. It expired in 2015 and just covered the very early model run in 2013-14. If customer complains of a moaning or whining noise they tighten the Pinion nut to proper torque and then stake it so It can not loosen. I think mine was related to that but it got far enough to cause that bearing to fail. Now I wonder if thats all??? Sometimes bearings wear the area a bit when they fail.
  7. Well its at the dealership right now as I type. Head shop foreman took for a drive and said its in the rear differential. My 100,000 5 Year expires Nov 5th, so I hope its covered. They called, pinion bearing bad It might be Monday before I get back. Covered under the PT Warranty. Thanks for the help.
  8. That is the way my issue started and then got worse to what sounds like road or brake noise at low speed. Its in the dealership right now getting the rear differential repaired or what I do not know until tonight (I hope).
  9. No, I checked that right away, I was online on that trip and saw the suggestion on here. Thanks for the reply. It sounds like brake or rotor noise now but nothing found? Taking to Karl Chevrolet here in town in the morning. Its got about 2 weeks left on the powertrain warranty. They are going to do the TSB for the rear differential loose pinion nut, maybe they will find a loose or bad bearing??? So what you suggested.... would that cause something to fail??
  10. This truck has been perfect except for the transmission shifting issue . 58,000 Miles on the vehicle, oil changes and service done at the dealership since day one. Now its developed what sounds like either tire noise or a noise you would get with a brake rotor or the like when slowing down. Hard to describe, but when I got back home from our trip I jacked up all 4 wheels nothing found? Slop in rear differential normal and no noise when rotating rear wheels one at a time and the U Joints seem normal. Took to CaRX and had the tires rotated and checked (Cooper Tires new last year) and they could find nothing. Top mechanic put on hoist with someone inside to operate, showed me it running and differential is pretty noisy. He said there is a TSB that expired in 2015 that covered my vehicle and to take to dealership. I have an appointment for this Friday, I am Still under the 5 year / 100,000 mile so its covered no matter what. I am glad he found this, but I am wondering if the noise above is still something else?
  11. BS as I recall the wire bundle is back underneath by where the hitch would go. Just need to find, uncoil the wires and splice as needed. If you want electric brakes that's another story.
  12. So I towed fine with my 2006 5.3 1500 Silverado, in fact towed a lightweight 17 ft fiberglass Casita all the way to Alaska and back. That truck did ok., Now with my 2014 with the same engine, but the wimpy 6 speed and towing about the same weight camper, under 3300 lbs dry and maybe 3700 with some water and some cargo in the trailer. Advise or concerns?
  13. So this is the old long filter that was always an option at least on the 350 engine anyway, and I wondered why. Now the new trucks are using larger oil capacities it makes sense to use it.
  14. My guess 6 to 8 K with the repaint job your going to need to make it all match. NO Bondo.
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