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  1. I find air bags to be a very good option. You can pump them up to level the load and then let them back down when you're running empty to maintain a decent ride. Heavier springs are a permanent change and will add a lot of stiffness to the ride. As stated above, the rear axle is what limits your GVWR. It will fail before any of the extra suspension aids.
  2. This is absolutely true. The American Petroleum Institute no longer uses the term "Synthetic" in their documentation regarding standards. "Full Synthetic" is a marketing term and is not a measurable quality. It may not have Dino oil in it, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a good lubricant.
  3. Please post what it turns out to be if you can. Everybody is always interested in solutions to unusual problems.
  4. My wife

  5. My wife

    Perhaps a colonoscopy would help. The clean out procedure will freshen up your view of the universe.
  6. Looks like an excellent fit. Blends right in. I think the OP should really put up a fuss with the manufacturer for the lousy fit and the installer for the paint damage. That just isn't right. Even the "cheaper" caps are expensive.
  7. Nice job! I've gotten mine up to 19.3 for the last 5500 miles. (I'm not the original owner, the first 27,000 miles the DIC showed 16.9 life time.) Not a lot of miles on that truck for being a U-Haul. Nice find!
  8. Then those are probably ideal for your needs.
  9. That's not a Bronco competitor. Probably will have a big price tag too.
  10. Sorry, think I mixed you up with someone else on the vibration deal. That LTX is a highway tread. Pretty much useless here in the snow belt. We average 180 inches of snow from November to April (those in the upper Great Lakes and Canada get more. It's an hour to the Canadian border from here). Truck wouldn't get out of it's own way with that kind of pattern.
  11. That is a really good looking tire and wheel set up in your picture. More sidewall would help the harsh ride some people experience. The vibration you have at 70 mph, if you didn't have it before, is likely the tires or wheel balance issues.
  12. "Highway" tires may very well ride nicely. The tread pattern is a lot less aggressive than most of the tires these trucks come with. They're 3 season tires if you get any serious snow. I don't think it's really a case of being anti-20 inch wheels, more a case of narrow sidewalls riding rougher than wide sidewalls.
  13. New to the Forum!

    Welcome. Nice truck!
  14. To the OP: wheels and tires are cool and some are really sharp, but if you go bigger/taller it will show up in less responsiveness. It just takes more energy to turn bigger meats. I would look into a lot of the suggestions here on tuning to get more out of the engine. These Gen V engines are pretty good across the board. Somebody out there must have something for the 4.3.

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