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  1. Better MPG on 93?

    Try looking in areas that cater to boaters. Gas with ethanol is the kiss of death for outboards. They sit for months at a time and the ethanol separates out.
  2. First brake job?

    Not to worry, have 4, 2 1/2 ton stands and lubed with this. all synthetic.
  3. First brake job?

    Just had all four wheels done last week (Jan 2nd). 39,850 miles. Issue was rear rotors were flaking on the surfaces. Pieces flaking off with rust underneath the surface where it flaked away. Front rotors were in decent shape but pads only had about 20% left. Rears were pretty rusty in general. Lots of road salt used around here in the winter. Cleaned up the calipers and put in new slider pins, high temp grease, and smoothed out the brackets where the calipers ride. Stops like a champ now.
  4. I have a regular cab with the standard bed. I miss the long bed I had with my last regular cab. Have had 3 different trucks with extended cabs (double cab) with the standard beds. Anything shorter would not work for me.
  5. Oil

    Most of the major brands do still carry conventional oil, Castrol GTX is a good example, but the GTX line also has blended and full synthetics. No matter who made the oil you want to use, ya gotta read the label. Biggest thing to consider is the difference in change intervals. Conventional/dino oils just don't last as long.
  6. Tough Towing?

    Yeah, kind of silly isn't it. Don't realize climbing stairs takes longer and more energy than walking across the room. Take an elevator for one flight.
  7. 2019 Four cylinder

    Right. Really think it would be a great crate engine for a Colorado or Canyon. Maybe some of the compacts? Malibu, things like that? That thing in a late 60's Nova would be a monster. Want to try one out, but couldn't be convinced to commit to one. Interesting but not my cup of tea.
  8. Overloaded

    Yes, but that doesn't change the certified limits of the truck. If you look up your vin # you can find the info from the build that GM used to certify the vehicle. You need to find where the extra weight is, the trailer or the truck. Are you running with full water tanks or things like that?
  9. Overloaded

    A mess like that is loaded in a truck for disposal. The truck is weighed so they know how much to charge to dispose of it. Really quite easy.
  10. 2019 Four cylinder

    I'll take that as a NO vote to the "what if" question. Enjoy the Holiday!
  11. 2019 Four cylinder

    That's reasonable.
  12. 2019 Four cylinder

    I think the the biggest reason for the negativity is the number of cylinders. For many, only 4 doesn't get any respect. What if you ordered your truck by horsepower without knowing how many cylinders? You can get 285 hp (no extra charge) 22 mpg, 310 hp (no extra charge) 21 mpg, 355 hp ($1500 extra) 18 mg, and 420 hp ($3000 extra) 17 mpg. Again, no clue how many cylinders. Which way would you go?
  13. Take it to a dealer to get it checked. You should have some power train warranty left at 52k.

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