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  1. These engines do have rev limiters and "shouldn't" go past the design limits. Have them do a full diagnostic on the whole drive train. The trans losing enough fluid that it wouldn't engage is a concern for possible damage to the transmission itself. Check pressures, valvebody, things like that. It was a short distance so there may be no problems at all.
  2. Give yourself a little time to get over the shock and see what they say is actually wrong. By all means express your unhappiness and concerns. Being a long time good customer I'm sure they will do whatever it takes to make it right. If it's as simple as bad battery cables you should be able to regain your confidence. You still have the warranty if you decide to keep it.
  3. Very Capable Truck

    Use the search and put in "gas pedal flex solution". There is a long thread on symptoms and solutions. Easy fix.
  4. This^^ Suggestion: Measure the lowest point on the Jeep to the ground, usually the front differential and do the same for the truck you're interested in. That will show you how deep the snow you can get through. As far as capabilities, the truck would probably be able to pull your jeep and trailer all at once.
  5. Reminds one of an old expression: If you can't Dazzle em with brilliance, Baffle em with bull sh!t.
  6. Maybe if they were color matched it would help. The shape with all the bends trying to follow the lines of the truck makes them look like a cheap add on. If you actually need it, then have at it.
  7. Old Habits Die Hard!

    I average 8-10 years on pickups. Only had this one a year. Definitely will be watching the K2 threads for a while!
  8. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    I have the 3.42 gears and overall pretty satisfied. Usually check MPG's on runs up to our camp approx 75 miles from home. 8 miles at average of 40 mph, then 57 miles on the interstate with cruise set at 70, then another 7 miles on back roads around 45-50. If I'm running with nothing loaded it gets 15 mpg, 20.5, and back to 15 again. About 17-18 average for the trip. If running loaded: groceries, utility trailer with a John Deere lawn tractor, weed eater, gas, and any tools I might need (2200 lbs towed), and 2 adults it drops 1-1.5 mpg to 16-16.5 for the trip. Quite happy with this. It's 3 mpg better than the F-150 with the 5.4L and 3.55 gears I traded in. Not sure if there would be any benefit going to the 3.23 in my case IMHO.
  9. Speed Limiter Delete

    Speed limiters have been around for over 20 yrs. It's not just trucks that have them. It should be expected. If you want it removed, get a tuner and turn it off. Check out the tires on the police vehicles you mentioned. I think you'll find they are rated for higher speeds and the ones on your truck aren't.
  10. Don't be an ass. They aren't the only "old guys" on here.
  11. Donstar, I think overall the only option to gain some power is to boost it. With the high compression and fuel systems in these Gen V engines you wouldn't be able to use a lot of boost like the Fords do. It would probably be impractical financially and shorten the reliability. I have not done this to any of these engines, but I did put a centrifugal super charger on a mid 90's 350. Made good power but the upkeep was a pain. Just my opinion, but your thread looking at the 2018's with the NHT package is probably the best way to go. One old guy to another.
  12. There is a third issue with turbo and super charging. Fuel usage. More fuel is needed to make more power. Air doesn't burn by itself. The Ford 3.5 ecoboost is a prime example. Under load, with the turbos spun up, they get terrible mileage.
  13. I'll give another positive response to this fix. Didn't experience the lag in response all the time, but occasionally it would be slow to speed up on turns at intersections and such. Biggest thing that bugged me was when you want to override the cruise control and it needed a big push to gain any speed. When I first checked it didn't appear to be flexing. When I pulled up on the pedal it moved quite a bit and after doing that, pushing down lightly the flex would be there. Didn't have a paint stick laying around so I taped a couple of 1 in diameter washers together to use as a shim. Worked like a charm. Throttle responds instantly now.
  14. Fiberglass Sun Visor

    Totally agree. To each, his/her own.
  15. The reduced gear offerings are probably a cost cutting move. Fewer choices means less parts to maintain in inventory. Less inventory = less cost, storage space, and less taxes. Manufacturing companies (all companies actually) pay taxes on their sale-able inventory. If it sits on the shelf it costs money. Based on the numbers being bounced around with the transmission gear ratios, you should be able to get comparable performance. However the loss of a choice is annoying.

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