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  1. It may be designed for a truck, but I'll bet it would be a great crate engine for a small sports car or V6 camaro.
  2. It's better than the ones that say "I can't believe I paid $60,000 for this POS.........................."
  3. Any REAL station wagon lovers out there?

    In direct reference to the title: I am definitely not a real station wagon lover. That's all the old man drove when we were kids. Everything from a 1956 Nomad through a 1970 Pontiac Safari. Didn't get to drive a real car until I moved out in 1970 and bought my own. No thank you, I'll walk.
  4. Looks like a big pair of channel locks. And then a screw driver punched through as a last resort. Maybe forgot to oil the gasket and it got stuck?
  5. Mine hovers just under 40 at a steady cruise at that speed. Is it accurate? Close enough to keep from blowing it up.
  6. http://www.revbase.com/BBBMotor/TSb/DownloadPdf?id=201534 . Found this in a different thread. Locking cap for capless filler.
  7. Yes, standard class III. You can upgrade to a class IV or V if you want more capacity.
  8. Very nice. Especially being able to share with next generation.
  9. Except in divorce court where it becomes dimaximus. Take the GVWR and subtract the payload capacity on the door jam sticker. That should be the curb weight of the truck empty (no passengers).
  10. Again, that's a tough deal.
  11. That's a tough deal. But putting your foot in it a lot will do that. It's not meant to be a daily driver. Probably more to it than just fuel. One would think if you can afford the truck, you would be able to afford the fuel.

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