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  1. You are correct, much more goes on than just that! However, we are trying to figure out if the OP's truck is tuned and if so, by what. The Diablo tunes do this, it's a measurable trait that the OP can go and test to rule out a Diablo tune. These are also relatively cheap tunes, so I'm not surprised. Email from Diablew attached below. I don't think OP bought a truck tuned with a Diablo tune because not only would the transmission have a particular and unique shift behavior, but also the speedometer does not seem to be calibrated for the tires (which is just as easy to adjust as disabling V4 with the Diablo. The options are right next to each other). It's entirely possible that the previous owner bought a used Diablo, disabled V4, then sold the unit or did not do anything else with it. Unlikely as there are far simpler and cheaper methods to only disable this one feature and not apply a tune.
  2. Anything plugged into the OBDII port underneath the steering wheel? I think they sell V4 deletes that sit in there... Unlikely, but throwing it out there
  3. 14 mpg is normal for short commutes in cold weather on average. V4 may not engage unless certain conditions are met, such as engine/transmission fluid temperatures. I noticed you said you have a short commute, as do I. Before I got a tune, mine would not engage unless I drive it for a while and only when everything is up to operating temperatures... took 10-15 minutes of driving at least just to hit those temperatures. With a 7 mile commute, V4 never turned on for me, even on the highway. Have you tried a long highway run at normal operating temps? Light throttle at 60 mph for as long as possible? Also, I'd still suggest finding out the minimum speed from 1->2 to rule out Diablo/Lew tuning: I have an email from Lew stating that all the Diablew tunes do to increase shift points is to bump up the upshift points by 2 mph, the canned tunes bump it up by 4 or more. Stock 1->2 is at 12mph, Diablew 1->2 is at 14mph, canned is at around 16mph. Obviously there is more going on to change the shift quality and speed, however, the truck will REFUSE to shift any earlier than 14-16 mph if the TCM is tuned with a Diablo tuner, even downhill, no matter the temperature or circumstances. Your digital cluster should have a digital speedometer option to help identify the speed. If V4 refuses to come on at normal operating temperatures on the highway and your shift points are set by mph, its most likely a Diablo tune.
  4. Shifts from 1st to 2nd at around 2500 rpm? Sounds like the canned Diablo firm shift tune. Stock transmission tune on my truck shifted from 1st to 2nd at 12mph (~2k rpm), but the diablo TCM tune shifted at around 17 mph (~2500rpm). The other gears shifted a little later, but on the 1->2 was noticeably different. You can test this by driving very slowly with minimal pedal input. Record the absolute earliest speed that the truck shifts from 1->2. The custom tunes will calibrate shift points by speed rather than RPM I'm assuming you have the 6 speed with a 5.3L?
  5. E85???

    I filled up with e85 once while travelling, I wish my state carried it (CT). Much more low end torque, the power improvement is much more noticeable. Loved every minute of running that fuel. People on this site will tell you it's not cost-effective. This is true that your miles per gallon will suffer, but your SMILES per gallon will go up. Honestly, if you can afford a $40k truck, then saving a few bucks at the pump is the least of your concerns. If you drive your truck conservatively and make many long trips, gas is your best bet because you will harldy notice the gains of e85. If you like to drive fast every now and then, I'd highly suggest e85 over gas.
  6. Does the Hypertech tuner allow you to bump up the shift points by speed? How does the shift point adjustment work in light throttle conditions? A standard Diablo tuner does not allow you to modify shift points at partial throttle, only at WOT (which is unfortunate).
  7. Usdashworks Black Friday sale

    I got some. Where do I go after I click your link? I'm presented with a picture of a Silverado and some links at the top. The "Store" link is in bold, showing that I'm in the store, but no products are found. The "Extras" link shows nothing Why are checkout and cart two different items? Can they be combined? Upon more clicking, if I click "Home" I am presented with the same screen of a black silverado. "Store" is still in bold for some reason. Then, I click "Store" one more time and then there is the actual store! So then I get excited, only to find out that three items are for sale. Only three items in the entire store, and one of the products has broken picture links. They look nice, but is this it?
  8. What color is your gas cap?
  9. My experience with the Diablo TCM tune was that it shifted too late. Rev'd like a 4-cylinder shifting at 2500 rpm's at light throttle.
  10. 2014 WT with power windows and locks (and also TPMS, apparently that matters?) Went to a private car audio/security shop, Viper 5806v keyless entry and remote start installed for $600 out the door. The only issue was that they needed to add a delay to the remote start to be in sync with the chip key device.
  11. Shake or Vibration Issues

    That's great! All the way up past 80mph? Also, how much does a dealership charge for a driveshaft rebalance? Or was it covered under warranty?
  12. Shake or Vibration Issues

    So what do you think it was? Driveshaft or tires? Also, what specifically did they do to your driveshaft? Balance? New from factory?
  13. I'd personally like to see a "Chevy-shake delete" kit ;)
  14. Diablew Tune Review - 2014 Sierra 5.3L

    Updated my review to reflect new developments with the TCM tune. Much improved after the stupid but necessary paint stick gas pedal mod. Also had Lew adjust for downshift feel. Clunk is still present, but it seems to be more of a driveline slack problem than a transmission problem.

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