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  1. 2014 WT with power windows and locks (and also TPMS, apparently that matters?) Went to a private car audio/security shop, Viper 5806v keyless entry and remote start installed for $600 out the door. The only issue was that they needed to add a delay to the remote start to be in sync with the chip key device.
  2. Shake or Vibration Issues

    That's great! All the way up past 80mph? Also, how much does a dealership charge for a driveshaft rebalance? Or was it covered under warranty?
  3. Shake or Vibration Issues

    So what do you think it was? Driveshaft or tires? Also, what specifically did they do to your driveshaft? Balance? New from factory?
  4. Truck violently shakes

    Well I support your decision! No excuse for GM to let this slide. If I had a top trim Sierra/Rado, I'd certainly rade it in for something else and never look back. Fortunately for me, I have a cheap WT model that drives about 10 miles per day and rarely sees speeds above 70mph (and the shake seems to be depending on the road quality... sometimes there is no shake at all!) All truck brands are bad in their own ways, just have to find the one with the problems you can tolerate the most! Sorry that a few insecure bad apples are threatened by your decision. I'm sure the Ford will be just fine!
  5. I'd personally like to see a "Chevy-shake delete" kit ;)
  6. Truck violently shakes

    Thanks for the analysis, but I was exaggerating for humor
  7. Truck violently shakes

    Yup, top complaint in the "Troubleshooting" section: 814 pages of no solutions. Some people claim that a new custom driveshaft, road force balanced tires, or selling the truck for something else have all been the appropriate solutions. Only one of those is guaranteed to work, the other two are hit or miss. Edit: Not only the top post in the troubleshooting section, but probably the most active page on this entire website
  8. Diablew Tune Review - 2014 Sierra 5.3L

    Updated my review to reflect new developments with the TCM tune. Much improved after the stupid but necessary paint stick gas pedal mod. Also had Lew adjust for downshift feel. Clunk is still present, but it seems to be more of a driveline slack problem than a transmission problem.
  9. Awesome! It has been a while, how's it driving now that you've put some miles on it?
  10. I got a new TCM tune from Diablew that has nearly eliminated the engine brake feel during downshifts as the truck comes to a stop. So with the Diablo tuner and a custom tune, it can be fixed. I'd assume the same with Blackbear. However, the occasional driveline "clunk" is still present. I think this is more of a driveline slack problem rather than a transmission problem. Worn parts are most likely the culprit for me.
  11. Sorry that this is not a solution, but does anyone know if the battery draining completely would affect how the truck reads the chip key? Such as, maybe it needs to be reprogramed or something? I think it's unlikely that the truck "forgot," but the symptoms sound like the security system could be the culprit. I'm only going off of experience with other vehicles that are not specific to this truck. Just a shot in the dark here.
  12. I changed the verbiage in my original statement to say a "less aggressive engine brake" as I felt that there was nothing soft about it, lol
  13. There are a few comments suggesting a TCM tune. With the problem as you describe it, I'd like to point out that a tune, for me at least, exasperated the downshift problem as-described. To me, it feels like a less aggressive "engine brake" that cannot be disabled. The TCM tune I received from Diablew, while great on the upshifts and around-town driving, did NOT help with the downshift feel while braking. Since the shift pressure was increased, it only increased the feel of the downshifts. I will contact Lew and see if there is something that can be done to change that, but with how many of these trucks he has tuned, I'm surprised it's not a part of the default package.
  14. Diablo shift questions

    If I'm not mistaken, there are two ways to tune the transmission with that device: 1. Modify stock TCM 2. Apply the preloaded Firm or Hard shift tune If you selected "Modify Stock," then more options are available to you, such as adjusting upshift pressures and extending WOT rpm shift points. I personally have not had good luck modifying the transmission using a Diablo Tuner. Not necessarily the tuners fault, I blame my truck. Even a custom TCM tune was worse than stock. Many people will argue that the firmer shifts between 1-2 and 2-3 will help with transmission life if you tow/haul frequently. While I agree, I found it frustrating as a daily transmission tune on an empty load. The shift firmness was very inconsistent for me unless I had weight in the back. Your mileage may vary, however. Try loading the preset Diablo firm transmission tune and let me know how it goes!
  15. Yes, the i2 can adjust throttle boost on your truck. It did on mine. You can either adjust it manually, or as Centex did, install one of the canned performance tunes which already have throttle boost applied. Check out the diablosport forums for more information if you'd like, lots of stuff there concerning these trucks. I'd still try the gas pedal mod first. Most people around here praise what it can do. I personally did both that and a 'Diablew' tune and have not looked back. When I purchased a new lisence for my I2 2030, it was pretty easy. Just connect to the computer, install the software, apply the updates, and there is an icon for the 'store'. From there, you can purchase a GM lisence with a credit card and it automatically applies to your device.

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