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  1. Glad that has been figured out, mine does the same and I been under it and found nothing. Thanks for the explaining!
  2. Of course I had to get rid of the flapper. I have been in town a lot as well as on highway and no drone anywhere with this setup. Stock muffler with y and stainless big tips are just right for me. Even the wife has not said anything but her son did! He liked it. So far I only have 4650 miles on her so tranny been doing ok so far. This 6.2 is an awesome motor, wish I had done this a long time ago. I bet the supercharger is crazy strong. Would love to drive one some day. Take care and hope this helps.
  3. Yes took out resonator. Just a little louder but not enough to wake anyone up. Cruising is still mostly quiet but with a cold air intake on it, that 6.2 sounds really good when you get into it. No drone . Sort of a sleeper, quiet when you want it and a deep sound when you ask for it! Hope this helps.
  4. Update, just did what I said, took out flapper, added Y pipe and duals out back with 3 1/2 inch 16 inch long stainless tips, sounds deep but not too loud so It did what I wanted, still fairly quiet untill i get into it! Puts big smile on my face. Hope this helps!
  5. I just bought in December 2018 a 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 ccsb with the 6.2 8spd. I am surprised how good this truck sounds with just a cold air intake. I also am not looking for much louder sound but I have tuned out the AFM/DOD so that is no problem anymore. I am going to leave stock muffler on, take out the flapper and put a Y pipe in and go out back with duals and 3 1/2 16inch long chrome tips. I should have a little deeper sound but hope no drone with this.
  6. thanks for clearing that up, I didn't think I had said anything out of the way to you or anyone else.
  7. Hey NCPGMC I am sorry that you have misread and also that I was stating what I had heard about high beam on with fogs. This is my only post on this as I was asking if it could be done. Also About your third statement, I don't know who pissed in your cornflakes but it was not me! I don't care about your manhood. Its your truck, do it your way just like I am doing mine. Sorry I asked!
  8. will the auto dimmer headlights work with the 10-18 mod? I don't want fogs on with highs, here in North Carolina it is illegal. I know without any mods if you turn your fogs on the auto dimmer feature does not work. I does work in all my other vehicle, fogs on with auto headlights. Just wondering? Thanks for help
  9. tim5779 I don't think you will be disapointed. Lew Really took my old, New truck away and gave me a new new truck. Really woke it up and made it drive like it should. Soooo much different than before Lew took care of it. Take care and waiting to hear how it goes.
  10. Just bought a intune 3 platinum from Lew at Diablew for my 2018 GMC Sierra 6.2. I sent in the required logs and he sent me the tunes I requested and all I can say is WOW! That will put a serious smile on your face. Lew knows what he is doing and his service is tops. He has reviews from other users on the Silverado/sierra site, just look at them, . I have used BDX on a f%$d from 5Star and they were great. But for my GM Products Lew is the man to try, I do not think you will be sorry. Just my $.02.
  11. So are the fogs going to come on with the high beams no matter what? I am wanting to have the fogs lights on as well as intellibeam so it will auto dim or be high beam . My 2 other vehicles, you can turn on fogs and when intellibeam is working fogs are on with low beams and go off when intellibeam works and goes to high beam, does not sound like this is what I want since high beams with fogs are illegal here in North Carolina and I am in Law Enforcement. Maybe someone will see this and come up with a fix.
  12. Thanks again JimCost2014 Found it and have put a post there and hope to see some replies ..
  13. JimCost2014 I am new to this forum and have searched for PGAMBOA but cannot find that section from him. Do you have a link or a better way to search for that ?? Thanks for the reply
  14. just bought a 2018 GMC Sierra Premium SLT that has the auto hig beam headlights but if you activate your fog lights the auto high/low beams do not work. Is there any fixes so the fogs will work when auto high/low beams are activated?? Every other vehicle that I have that has this feature, the fogs work either way. I see the fogs on with the high beams mod but don't know if this works like I am asking for. Thanks in advance for any help with this.
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