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  1. If the 5th wheel has 6,000lb axles that would mean your max pin weight would be 4,000lbs (16,000-12,000=4,000lbs) Then you will need to add your hitch, passenger weight and all other related weight.
  2. I have a 3500 Denali scheduled for this week also.
  3. I currently tow a 5th wheel that weighs 12,300lbs fully loaded and places me over my GVWR by 1,000lbs on my 2016 Chevy 2500 Duramax. My empty weight on the front axle is 4,920lbs and 4,960lbs when camper is attached. My truck has a payload rating of just 2,200lbs and the camper pin weight is 2,520lbs which places me over on my GVWR even before you factor the hitch, dog, wife and blocks. I know they raised the GVWR from 10,000 to 11,350, but I decided to order a SRW 3,500 which should give me plenty of reserve capacity.
  4. You have to hold down on the center stack in the cab until the tailgate is completely closed. You will hear chimes and tail lights will blink during the closing.
  5. I currently have a 2016 Chevy 2500HD Duramax with a 12,300 5th wheel, but my pin weight puts me over on my GVWR by 1,200lbs. The truck tows just fine, but I have ordered a 2020 3500HD SRW Duramax which should give me more than enough cushion with my pin weight.
  6. You could drive out to Vancouver WA and Comfort Ride will install one for a test fit at no charge per my previous post on August 20th.
  7. Comfort Ride Hitch is looking for someone with a 2020 GM/GMC HD truck to test fit their 5th wheel hitch adapter in the Vancouver, WA area. According to the FB page you will receive the adapter for free along with a discount on a new hitch and free camping in your RV on there property during the installation and test. https://www.facebook.com/ComfortRideHitch
  8. On my 2016 2500HD I typically turn it on when pulling my fifth wheel and in tow haul mode. Both systems work great when using cruise control.
  9. I emailed Demco-Products today and they have an adapter already designed and preparing for production and should see something in the next 4-6 weeks.
  10. I would also like to know what the measurements are as outlined below and possibly see how this compares to previous models. Seems as though some will have their trucks before adapters are ready and would like to look at all options as we have trips planned before the end of the year and our new truck will arrive before then.
  11. When moving from south to north you will need to make sure you use up your windshield washer fluid and replace with a good winter version. I lived in Texas and traveled to northern states on a regular basis and it never failed that my windshield washer fluid would freeze up.
  12. What you get on the AT4 Premium Package is standard on the Denali which brings the AT4 closer to the Denali price. Then the Denali Ultimate Package is the same as the AT4 Technology Package which is nearly the same price with the exception of the Power Sunroof which is included in the Denali Ultimate Package. If you want a sunroof in the AT4 it would cost you $996.00. As previously mentioned, I would purchase the sensors when ordering the truck as the salesman told me they would cost $150 if purchased in the future.
  13. Thank you all for your response. I placed my order today for a 3500 Denali with a Duramax.
  14. While going through the build and pricing on a SRW Duramax I noticed they offer a heavier front spring option for $45. Does anyone know why and what affect that would have on the ride quality?
  15. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones that doesn't have this issue. I'm on my second set of tires (Michelins) and everything runs smooth at all speeds. Many years ago (70's) Ford balanced tires on the vehicle with a special machine that spun the wheel and you had a hub cap device that had knobs you adjusted to point out where the weights went. Sometimes we had to take a tire and have it bubble balanced first then reapply and spin balance on the vehicle to refine the balance.
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