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  1. I just returned from a trip to south Texas and found that you need to shut off your truck before connecting and disconnecting your trailer plug. Everything has been working since.
  2. I have a 2020 GMC 3500 Duramax after having a 2016 Chevy 2500 Duramax and I think the 2020 rides just as smooth if not better than the 2016. I don't think the ride should be your concern.
  3. My new Denali 3500HD Duramax. All waxed and ready to hitch up to the 5th wheel.
  4. Who has the specifics on where to mount the camera on the trailer for the transparent trailer view?
  5. My 2020 Denali 3500HD Duramax SRW has a payload of 3,960lbs and my fifth wheel has a GVWR of 12,100 with a typical pin weight of 2,520 and trailer weight of 11,460. I usually do not carry any fresh water and minimal amounts of grey and black water. That gives me a reserve of 1,440lbs on pin weight and would put me just under maximum with the RV fully loaded with fluids and the extra weight of passengers and dog. Looking at your situation I would say that going with a DRW Duramax would be a wise choice.
  6. I received my camera today and started to plan my installation. I dismantled the camera to gain access to the smaller plug which was straight forward and easy to do. The plug from the camera end will fit inside 1/2" non-metallic Ultratite from Home Depot which I will run along the bottom of my camper attaching to the gas line along the way with ty-wraps and likely up and into the battery bay thru the propane tank storage area. Not sure how I will handle getting it to the fifth wheel hitch yet until I can move the plug into the bed. The camera end will exit the Ultratite and run up along the trim to the top of the RV to the camera mounting on top of the roof.
  7. I picked up my 2020 GMC Denali 3500HD SRW Duramax yesterday. It was scheduled to be built when the strike happened and then they changed to December. I thought I would be lucky to see it in the first quarter 2020. It showed up over the holiday. Only have 110 miles on it, but so far I love everything about it.
  8. Can't you just ask Siri to send a text for you?
  9. Good news, My truck was scheduled to be built on 12/2 and is now showing it has a VIN number and has shipped. Waiting to hear back from the dealership to get the event codes and best guests delivery.
  10. I ordered it on 7/19 and was accepted for production on 9/11. They strike happened towards the end of Sept. and was over the end of October. I was notified the target production week of 12/2. I have been getting updates from the dealership every Friday so I'm hoping for good news.
  11. I ordered a Denali SRW 3500 SB Duramax back in July and due to the strike they updated the projection and was to be started today. The original projection was 12-14 weeks, but thanks to the strike I might see it by February or March.
  12. This topic has been brought up and covered under Highway speed vibration 2020.
  13. If the 5th wheel has 6,000lb axles that would mean your max pin weight would be 4,000lbs (16,000-12,000=4,000lbs) Then you will need to add your hitch, passenger weight and all other related weight.
  14. I have a 3500 Denali scheduled for this week also.
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