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  1. Chuck, 1. I did move the bed plug with 4 pin to the bumper. 2. I ordered 36" cables, but the length just made it and would have preferred 48" length. 3. I hooked up the plug to operate both cameras. Each camera takes a different cable part number. Larry
  2. The owners manual recommends using "TopTier Fuel" from stations that are supposedly putting a specific type additive in the fuel/gasoline that meets these new standards for cleaner burning fuel that reduces carbon and keeps your fuel system cleaner. This just rolled out a few years ago and just know seeing more stations adopting this new standard. You usually see the logo on the pump or advertised at the station. https://toptiergas.com/consumers/
  3. While trying to find the components to extend the camera cables so I could move the bumper plug to the bed I came across the company that supplied the FAKRA type connectors. By chance they may be able to help you find the plug you are looking for. Pasternak Derek Burkett 866-727-8376
  4. I had my windows tinted the other day and momentarily couldn't unlock the truck after they completed the job. I started getting a little concerned and then it started working again. I've had not problems since.
  5. Here is the website for the camera. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2020-sierra-2500-transparent-trailer-camera-auxiliary-trailer-camera-models-with-cwm-zl6-uvn/84876818-p-92306125.html If you plan to tow a fifth wheel then you will want to move the bumper trailer receptacle to the bed position. The step-by-step process and material list to perform that is in a post on March 8th in the following link.
  6. Here is a link to move the bumper plug to the bed plug.
  7. I had a 2016 LTZ 2500 Crew Cab with a Duramax and since traded for a 2020 GMC 3500 SRW Duramax Denali and the ride is actually just as good if not better than my old 2500. My fifth wheel weights 12,800 which my pin weight put me over on my max on payload of 2,209 on the 2500, but with the 3500 I have about 400lbs of reserve capacity.
  8. My length is 37' 8". I ran my camera cable under the RV-through the battery box and was able to fish it into the pin box which brings it out at the proper pivot point location and had about on extra 4' of cable left over in addition to the cable needed to make turns. I also found a company that supplies the camera "as posted" which allows you to move your trailer receptacle from the bumper to the box. Let me know if you need more info.
  9. I posted the link where to purchase the material and "how to" instructions on March 15th in this forum 5 posts above this one.
  10. GM was no help, but I was able to find a supplier for extension cables to swap the bumper plug with the bed plug at the following link within this forum. Copy and paste into your search engine. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/235530-help-w-relocating-camera-port-from-bumper-to-bed-for-5th-wheel/?do=findComment&comment=2388376
  11. I am posting the following link to another section of this forum for moving the bumper plug with video plugs to the bed location. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/235530-help-w-relocating-camera-port-from-bumper-to-bed-for-5th-wheel/?do=findComment&comment=2388376
  12. I installed a DEMCO fifth wheel hitch adapter, Peragon bed cover and swapped my bumper trailer plug with the bed trailer plug so I can plug in the video cameras in at the bed plug.
  13. Just got back home after my wife's surgery and have completed extending my camera cables so I could swap the trailer plug with the video cable connectors from the bumper to the bed. It was a success and am very happy with the results and hope this helps everyone that tows a goose neck or fifth wheel. I purchased the cables from PASTERNACK (www.pasternack.com) 866-727-8376, Sales Person was Derek Burkett with the following part numbers. The last two digits are the length. I ordered 36" which worked great, but some folks may want to order another 12". The total cost including taxes and shipping was less than $100. a. Rear view camera cable (black) PE3W08444-36, description. Black FAKRA Jack to FAKRA Plug Cable Using LMR-100 Coax. b. Inside camera cable (Water Blue which is a universal cable to connect to the Orange cable) PE3C2779-36, description. Water Blue FAKRA Jack to FAKRA Plug Cable Using LMR-100 Coax. To install you will need to remove the bumper plug and the bed plug. The plugs have a metal squeeze clip that you need to press from the backside, the bumper can be accessed from behind the bumper and bed plug will require you to remove the rear taillight to access the rear of the bed plug. Your owners manual explains on how to remove the rear taillights. On the bumper plug video cables you will need to slide the red clips back and then push down on the release tab to release the jack from the plug. Next on the 7 pin connector you will slide the light grey clip back and then push down on the release tab to release the 7 pin connector (I found it easier to completely remove the grey clip due to access). I installed the bed plug first which will require you to remove some of the spray-on bed liner and make adjustments to the metal squeeze clips to accommodate the Pyle National Plug and the thicker bed wall. It makes it easier to do a test fit before applying cables. I spent many hours searching and calling, but I couldn't find anyone that would supply waterproof connectors, so you will need to tape these up to keep out moisture. The pictures will tell the story and I did finish up by using cable ties to secure the cables to the 7 pin cable harness from the bed plug to the bumper plug.
  14. I think I may have found a company that will make extension cables to move the bumper plug to the bed. I ordered them yesterday and should receive them next week. Once I get them and confirm they work I will pass the information on.
  15. I can select heat on the bottom, back or both. Cooling is for both bottom and back. I also have heating for back seats bottom only.
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