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  1. I hope they have better quality control for the bison. My zr2 was a bag a rattles....My kids used to call it the Colo- RATTLE! I really liked the size, suspension, and how it handled the trails but just couldn't handle the noises and rattles so I traded it on full size 2019 silverado.
  2. I AGREE! With everyone so distracted today this could save your life
  3. LOL thats' NUTS not having a vent there anymore!
  4. man what a shame I feel bad for those that were ordered for customers....the wait goes on. Hopefully nobody was injured.
  5. Me too.... had to change my mind on lift ideas! My tallest point was 176.5"
  6. In sport mode and off road mode does it hold the gear longer before shifting?
  7. love black just don't have the time to maintain it with teenagers going every direction. Some day I'll own another one!
  8. LOL hindsight is always 20/20... wonder what the financial lose would be? Ahhhhhh if only money were no issue.
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