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  1. I have a 6 speed in my 2016 and I have no problems with it under any condition. Same goes for my 2019 10 speed.
  2. I have the Leer plug and play harness in my 2016, but when the dealer wanted to splice into my 2019's wiring I said no. This was in 2019, so I wasn't interested in being a guinea pig. I got a tonneau cover instead. No problems with the plug and play harness in my 2016 after almost five years. I have the advanced trailering system in my 2019, but I did not know about the harness incompatibility issue with that. My big concern at the time was my power down/up tailgate, which could only be operated with the canopy back glass in the open position. Every canopy has a lip on the rear glass that prevents the tailgate from being opened, which is fine if you have a manually operated tailgate, but doesn't work with the power tailgates. I imagine this will be resolved at some point in time in the future, but it wasn't in 2019.
  3. I have navigation in my 2016 and I hardly ever use it. I don't have navigation in my 2019 and I don't miss it. For those few times I do need nav I just use Apple CarPlay. It's actually a much better way to navigate.
  4. Basic LTZ with 6.2L engine and 10 speed tranny and max trailering package. I have the basic technology package with blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert, as well as the moon roof.
  5. EL-50448 relearn tool. $10 to $15 on Amazon. Just make sure it's for GM vehicles.
  6. The problem with that figure is it's based on a 10 percent tongue weight. A travel trailer will be closer to a 13 percent tongue weight, meaning you'll exceed hitch weight limit if you try to tow 11,900 lbs.
  7. My max tow LTZ has 1910 lbs of payload. But you need to look at the yellow driver door jamb sticker of each truck you're interested in in order to get the exact payload capacity of that particular truck. But the real question is, how much does your trailer weigh fully loaded? Multiply that amount by 13 percent for a WAG on your tongue weight if it's a travel trailer you're looking to tow. Too many people try to push the extreme limits of a half ton when they really should be looking at a 3/4 ton or one ton.
  8. Those of you advocating buying a vehicle in another state have no idea what would happen when going to register the vehicle in Cali. Just try and register a brand new vehicle purchased out of state.
  9. I never let the dealer change my oil, especially if it's "free". Same goes for jiffy lube places and independents. I do my own and have never had an issue in 50 years.
  10. My 2019 with the 6.2 and max tow has 4LO.
  11. I just went with a tonneau cover. It covers all my essentials, like cooler and generator, when camping. I have a canopy on my 2016 and I could live without it.
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