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  1. Auto 4WD is awesome. I don't know what was going that day, but it's safe to say it had nothing to do with Auto 4WD. I've been using it for over 20 years now and have never had a problem with it. I use it for snow and ice, but never rain. I don't know why anyone would use it for rain.
  2. Right now I have the factory Goodyear tires.
  3. As others have said, dealer add-on scam. I find it annoying to be behind a vehicle that has it. Fortunately, no Alaska dealers do this, but I saw an SUV with it the other day. Must have come up from the Lower 48 or someone installed it themselves.
  4. Negative. Auto 4WD will keep you from spinning out under increased acceleration, such as going up a hill. I've been using Auto 4WD on a Sierra and two Silverados since 2000 and have never had an issue with it. Going up a hill is a breeze now in winter, whereas before, I'd start spinning out in 2WD if I wasn't really careful. I use my Auto 4WD five or six months out of the year in our Alaska winter conditions.
  5. No problems with mine, and it's been sitting outside and has a tonneau cover. Temperature this morning was 0° Fahrenheit.
  6. We have to worry about moose. 5x heavier. They will come through your windshield and crush you.
  7. I bought my Silverado over two years ago and I'm still getting e-mails from GM trying to get me to buy the GM extended warranty.
  8. At the end of the day, it's still a Toyota. No thanks. One glaring omission is the lack of Auto 4WD. 23 years after GM introduced it on their half tons Toyota still doesn't have it. I've been using Auto 4WD drive on three different GM half tons for 21 years and I wouldn't be without it. It's one of the most useful features ever devised for winter driving. Ford and Dodge/Ram eventually put it in their half ton trucks, but Toyota and Nissan remain firmly planted in the 20th century when it comes to 4WD systems.
  9. I never once had a problem with the radar adaptive cruise control in my car. Although it rarely gets used, the two camera Subaru Eyesight system in my wife's Outback has always worked flawlessly. I always thought it was a bad idea to have an ACC system based on one camera. GM dropped the ball on this.
  10. I have two Silverados for that. My Jeep for serious off-roading. But the trails I go on have all kinds of vegetation that will scratch the side of a vehicle, even something as narrow as a Jeep Wrangler. My Jeep is totally pin-striped as a result. Not something I'm willing to put my trucks through.
  11. I bought my 2015 back in 2015 when they were a lot less expensive. I bought it strictly for off-roading, so I pin-striped it the first weekend I owned it. I can't imagine pin-striping my Silverado, so there's no way I'm ever taking it on back-country trails, not that I want to take a behemoth like that on tight trails.
  12. Exactly. When I go wheeling, it's in my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. No way would I take a $50k or $60k truck off-roading. It's too long, too wide and not that well suited for the trail. My truck is used for towing.
  13. I make sure the house I'm going to buy has a deep enough garage to hold my truck. Living in a gated community also helps. But looking at the police blotter, it's primarily older vehicles with no theft deterrent technology that get stolen. Or people leave the key in the ignition when warming up in the morning or stopping by a convenience store. I don't see newer trucks getting stolen because most thieves can't defeat the technology. You pretty much need a tow truck or trailer to steal the newer trucks.
  14. It's my understanding there is no way to add it. I don't have it on my LTZ either, and quite frankly, I don't miss it at all. If I need navigation, I just use Apple CarPlay and pull up Maps. It's way better than GM navigation.
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