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  1. I view my tonneau cover as protection from the elements, and nothing more. I don't leave anything of value in the bed of my truck.
  2. Looking for recommendations on a replacement transmission pan for my 2016 Silverado with 5.3 and six speed automatic. I want something with a drain plug that will also drop the temperature a little when I tow. My temps go over 200° when pulling a 5000 lb travel trailer uphill. The truck will be going to Arizona and will be pulling a 2800 lb travel trailer, so I'd still like to cool it down a little when going over mountain passes. Thanks.
  3. It won't work if you have your fob in your pocket. The fob needs to be out of range, otherwise the truck thinks you're the one disconnecting the trailer and won't sound the alarm.
  4. You do need to activate the feature for it to honk. Default is deactivated..
  5. That's what I was thinking. Our premium is only 90 octane at all gas stations and I have no knocking issues at all.
  6. 2020 HD models do not have ACC available on any trim level. LD is Light Duty models, which is the 1500, and they only got it in 2020. HD models should get it for 2021, but no confirmation yet from GM. And if not in 2021, certainly in 2022.
  7. Payload between the two is more a factor of how the truck is equipped. My 6.2 NHT has 1910 lbs of payload capacity. You can probably find some 5.3 NHTs with more and some with less payload capacity.
  8. That's been my experience too. My 5.3 just didn't cut it in our mountainous terrain. The 6.2 does a much better job of towing my travel trailer. And the Max Trailering package is better suited for towing and gives me extra payload capacity, which I ran out of with my 5.3.
  9. I never said anything about payload being low. What I said is that the tongue weight limit is 950 lbs. I have no idea what his payload capacity is.
  10. When I toggle over to the info screen mine has been showing the trailer controller gain for some reason, although I always leave it on Trip A. It's one of those gremlins I hope to have fixed under warranty. Another problem I have is when hooking up a trailer I get messages telling me that the blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert are disabled. But they're not and the trailer is always triggering blind spot alerts.
  11. If your trailer is 9000 lbs then your hitch weight is closer to 1000 to 1100 lbs or even more. Which means you're exceeding the tongue weight limit of 950 lbs. If your tongue weight was 750 to 800 lbs you'd have the ass end swaying all over the place once you got over 60 mph. American trailers are designed to have at least 10 percent of their weight on the tongue, but 12 to 14 percent is more typical. As for that 9500 max tow limit, that's a fairytale number for bragging rights only. Max tow rating is the most useless, meaningless and irrelevant number in the towing business. You will exceed other limitations long before you get anywhere close to that 9500 lbs. Especially if you have the family, the dog and all kinds of other gear in the truck. Your truck has a trailering information sticker on the driver's B pillar. Check it out. There's a good chance you're exceeding GCWR and payload capacity also.
  12. Good tonneau covers aren't cheap and cheap tonneau covers aren't good. I have an inexpensive soft tonneau because I normally don't keep anything in my bed. It's there to protect things from the elements for the drive home or to protect camping equipment while I'm driving somewhere with my trailer. I live in a gated community, so I'm not worried about nighttime slashers looking to see what I have. If I was worried about protecting a toolbox I'd get a hard tonneau that is pick resistant. A lot of tonneau covers can easily be opened with a slim jim.
  13. PS...Dersch didn't write this, I did. There seems to be some kind of issue to where you can't just post a reply without quoting the OP.
  14. Alla Lighting 912 921 LED Reverse Light Bulb 4014.
  15. We can't even get E15 or E10 where I live. I've never even seen an E85 pump. It's all straight undiluted gasoline at every gas station.
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