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  1. Dont be fooled, they were hoping you would take it without noticing. They loose money when you see issues
  2. Stoops automotive group figured tha hard cover out!!!! See youtube vid.
  3. 2020 denali 6.2 with perf kit. Bought 3 weeks ago, still in shop i only put 150 ish miles and ecm issues that GM techs cant figure out........
  4. Still in shop. It was a dealer trade and they believe the dealer did not flash the ecm corectly. They can not get the ecm to do anything now. So thier going to change the ecm, do a new install on it and see if that will fix the problem. By the way, if you didnt know, anything plugged into the obd port is now permanently logged into the Ecm memory. The reprogram itself can be returned to stock, but a log is stored showing the techs time and date of ecm changes that were not done by a gm tech computer. This was gm's answer for the diesel owners deleting def systems. Now thier using it on gas trucks too. Tech says it automatically voids warranties now. Learned all this from master tech who was awsome enough to let me see thier equipment
  5. Have 600 miles on 2020 that ive owned 3 weeks. Did get CAI option, and cat bat from GM. Have had nothing but issues. "Service filter" constantly on and GM techs cant get it to act right............frustration at its best, a $70,000 carbon pro that sits in shop more than my garage
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