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  1. How did you get the rubber gaskets to lay flat after installing? I got my plates flat, but the front of the rubber gaskets have left a gap between the truck and gasket? Just got installed
  2. Thanks for this video brotha! Gonna order me a set!
  3. Just picked up my 2020 High Country the other day. Quick question.. I was under the impression that you could open doors with key fob in pocket by just getting close to the truck doors without having to push the button on the handle? Proximity door unlock or something like that? Am I missing something out misunderstood? My 2013 bmw, 2016 eqqus and my 2019 Ram Longhorn all did this? It's there a setting I need to activate?
  4. Sounds like a crappy technology they use. All my other vehicles not Chevy/GMC, going back 7 years have never had problems
  5. Yes, but I drive a lot of highway here in Texas and adaptive cruise is a must.. front end was clean
  6. Just picked up my 2020 High Country last night..today when on highway coming home, my adaptive cruise control shut off twice on its own and had an error message on screen that I attached below.. wth? It wouldn't work for like 5 minutes and then I was able to use it again for like 2 minutes and it shut itself off again. I was able to use the regular cruise control after though? Any thoughts or experiences?
  7. Just picked up my truck tonight! Was wanting to get a bull bar with led light bar in it. But noticed online that it says will affect vehicles with adaptive cruise control. Anyone fine one that works still with adaptive cruise control and the bull bar? And would love to see pics of anyone has any installed!
  8. Which one to you is louder/better, the gm one built by Borla or the touring?
  9. What is this helicopter noise you are talking about, even with a full cat back system?
  10. How you liking the touring? Been going back and forth with that one or the stype??
  11. I literally laughed out loud and had to read this to my wife
  12. If I plan on getting a 6 inch bds lift kit and 35 inch tires, would I still need this sway bar? Or would the lift not allow it?
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