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  1. The Pontiac G8 as well as the 04-06 Pontiac GTO were Holden products. Rebadged & slightly restyled as Pontiacs, though were mfg'd in Australia. The GTO had a similar minimalist option sheet like the SS. Further, the redesigned Commodore or would be SS changed platforms in 2018 to the same that underpins the Malibu, Regal etc. I do not know of any GM models still using the old zeta platform that they could have continued production of the SS?
  2. There was an interview with GM ceo Mary Barra where she stated the technology was coming & changing fast. So vehicles would receive almost annual updates to keep pace with the competition. It has been a few years since that interview, so that is not the specific wording she used. With that, am so hoping they move all of the side mirrors on these trucks back up to the corner of the side glass instead of mounted on the door panels.
  3. In most every review I have read or watched has mentioned a bit rougher the ride in the '19's vs the outgoing '18. Guessing the dealer is going to say everything is normal.
  4. Ford took a beating in the media when they rolled out their new F150 as their crew cab was better than their extended cab in the frontal offset crash testing. The ext cab got the additional floor protection the following year. So GM knew well in advance this was a test that their truck would be subjected. As someone else mentioned, good enough is getting old.
  5. This fixes all 3 of my exterior complaints. I would be a buyer had they went this route! The mirrors moved to the door panels while doing nothing with the space in the corner of the window looks terrible. Not a fan of the arc or it needs to disappear before rolling the wave or what ever down the door. The air curtain appearance is polarizing. Sierra has the same issue with the mirrors, gaudy weirdness around the air curtain/fog light & funky wheel wells. I have always been a GM person. Read my previous posts. Am not bashing GM or anyone's personal vehicle. But just am not liking their design direction on most of the line up.
  6. "Thousands of American workers take the fall so that"- so that profits to shareholders are improved while funding electric vehicle research. Which, good or bad, is exactly where the money is going from high margin truck sales.
  7. Our local dealer has one very similar to this. They do look much better in person. Though am not a fan of the door mounted mirrors & wish the body line in the fender was straight vs angling down on the front door. But again, looks much better in person. Also saw an all black GMC Sierra with the X31 package at GM's marshaling yard in Detroit a couple weeks back. It looks better in person too.
  8. Engine options beginning at 9:17 in the Fast Lane Trucks video.
  9. Those numbers were pulled the next day. Have not seen anything official released since, but have not kept up lately.
  10. Obviously this is all opinion. But to me it seems that brand loyalty died more so than it being a culture thing. In the 70's-80's, you did not take a chance on those foreign brands. By the 90's, those generations were passing on. Trucks & sports cars to some extent have held onto the reigns of loyalty arguably better than any other segment. Each general location is different across the country. But 40 years ago, there was a GM product in virtually every other garage as GM had like 45% market share in 1980. Am thinking Ford was usually second in market share back in those days, but do not know the percentage. Can anyone imagine telling someone in 1980 that GM, Ford & Chrysler would a cede a majority of the entire car market to imports by 2020?
  11. If that fender line was straight & faded out softly at the seam between the fender & door would help. Delete the obnoxious air curtains, move the mirrors back up to the traditional location & we have a winner. Though not thinking they care much about my forum ideas at this stage. ;) Will be interesting to see them in person next to the out going '18's & the other brands. Per the satin steel color & comment above. Think the Camaro that was in Dayton OH last week was suppose to be satin steel. Though not in direct sunlight.
  12. Mfg's spend billions removing every last ounce & here we still are adding sandbags? Cargo net tail gates for improved mpg's next?
  13. The four styling details that stand out to me are the grille/headlight assembly, the air curtains, the sweeping body through the front fender that rolls downward through the door & the lowered mirror location. I think you could do any single one of those details & get away with it. The GM faithful will show up with check books. All four combined become polarizing. I think it works really well with the trail boss concept. But have to admit am curious what the Silverado would look like with that body line that starts at the headlight was straight & faded out at the fender/door seam & move the mirrors up to their traditional location. Completely understand they needed or wanted to make a differentiating design statement & there will be some who love it. Which is great! Guess I keep thinking about the Equinox that was rolled out to their opinion groups that was shunned. I don't know. We are all passionate about these vehicles or we would not be discussing them on forums. I hope they sell really well for GM. But glad my truck has low miles with zero issues.
  14. Am not here to bash GM. I grew up with GM cars & trucks & that is all I have owned in the last 20 years. But Chevrolet's design department needs to wake up. Coming from a small rural town in IL where people are few & corn fields everywhere. Just am not seeing either the '19 Silverado or Sierra selling at a high rate. Those trucks on page 2 of this thread really stand out in a polarizing way. Honestly thinking Ford will widen the sales gap between the F series & the GM twins. Granted, could be completely wrong & hope I am. Just do not see the avg farm/construction people really taking after this design. Same for the '19 Camaro. Really hope Chevrolet is listening to what the majority are saying about it as well.
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