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  1. Do a search for delayed engagement, your torque converter is draining the fluid back to the transmission oil pan and the delay is the pump trying to fill it back up after startup. On the 8 speeds GM had added a check ball on the stator shaft support, not sure on the 6 speeds what the fix it for that. My truck with the 8 speed still does it off and on, but never when I take it in for repair so GM won't replace the stator shaft support go figure!!
  2. You are experiencing the torque converter shudder, pretty common apparently, my 16 has or had it and the only fix they will do is change the fluid in the trans once and that is it for now. For me I felt like I was running over rumble strips when I lightly accelerated. Mine hasn't come back as of now. Apparently there is a more permanent fix coming first quarter 2019.
  3. Well so far all my dealership did was change the transmission fluid and filter. So far it shifts smoother and I haven't noticed the shudder yet, but I only drive it at most 5 miles per day now so I will try to drive it longer to see if it is fixed or not.
  4. Same here, my 2016 just go the shudder last week, going in today for the shudder. Of course my dealer acted like they never heard of it before, go figure. I have been fighting them on the delayed engagement when I go into reverse after the truck sits overnight or 2, sometimes it slips backing out and I have to rev the engine a little bit to get it to move, other times it flat out wouldn't move at all, acted like it was in neutral. I had to shut it off and restart it to get it to move again.
  5. In my case yes it is definitely software. My 2016 6.2 8-speed had harsh shifting, for example when you slow down for the person in front of you to turn off the road onto a side street and you slow to about 10-15 mph and accelerate once they make the turn you get a rather bad harsh shift that resembles being lightly rear ended. I took it to the dealer in Feb of 2017 and they updated the transmission software along with the engine software, this helped with the harsh shifting. However I now feel the chugging and hesitation with throttle tip in at a stop sign or stop light almost all of the time now. It NEVER did this at all prior to the software update. It is going in tomorrow for this issue as well as the truck at times does not move in reverse at first start up at times, it acts like it is in neutral I rev it up and nothing, other times it bangs into gear that results in me squealing the tires while backing out of my garage. SO I will update if I get anything different done to my truck or if they fix it, which from your responses I highly doubt anything will help.
  6. You should think about replacing your intake gaskets too, my 2002 Yukon Denali were bad and it seemed to run fine but a rich smell out of the exhaust and had cat efficiency codes for clogged cats from the leaking intake gaskets.
  7. 1989 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z 305 TPI. Not my actual car, I drove one exactly like this one.
  8. I had the update done a few months ago and the truck is completely horrible!! I have the 16 6.2 with the 8 speed. My last issue is when at a stoplight making a right hand turn on red trying to pull out in front of heavy traffic in a tight window with around 1/3 throttle the truck just sits there and lugs and chugs like the PCM is applying an aggressive amount torque management. I then have to floor it to get the damn truck moving with me being in the middle of merging into the lane and traffic is now on top of me. I would have rather had the rough shifting over this issue.
  9. I don't believe there is a website that tells you if there is an update for them or not anymore. Do you have the lane departure warning?? If so you do have a front camera.
  10. Check your negative battery cable at the battery, mine was loose on my 16. There have been some on here that had a lot of what you were describing due to their negative battery cable being loose at the battery. Worth a shot.
  11. I put the clear bra on before I took delivery for this exact reason, so far no chips on the front of my 2016. Although I have a rather large chip on my rear wheel inner part of the spoke of all places!!
  12. I had the 15318 system installed on my 14 with the 6.2 and sounded great for about a year and a half till something broke inside of the muffler and sounded like a marble inside a coffee can rattling around, sounded like complete crap. I called and emailed magnaflo about it and I never got a response from them about it. The only thing left to do was to warranty return it and replaced it with a Borla cat back system but the Borla has a more aggressive sound so I am not sure your HOA would approve of it. Just my experience though.
  13. My 2016 Silverado does this also so your not alone here.
  14. The camera icon is what he pushed to activate the camera the video was about, I also am interested in what the rear climate icon is for, something GM is doing or a MVI offering.
  15. I love how mine works when it is 95 out it runs the windshield defroster!!!
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