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  1. 33s on stocks

    Good price, I paid $550 shipped for the Eibach pro lift kit from Tire Rack back in November. I finally installed a couple weeks ago and have about 900 miles on it. It's much nicer than the stock ranchos and blocks.. I did the 275 60 20 Wildpeak as well and they rub on the front of the UCA at full lock ( the factory tires did as well, just not as much) with the rough country blocks in the front. I have the stock AT wheels, contemplating some small, like 3/8" spacers to fix the rub, but I need to do some more research.
  2. Stock suspension upgrade

    I went with the Eibach on all 4 corners, my driveway apron is a mini curb and stock shocks would bounce and bounce. I went with the springs too in the front for the lift. The ride is a little bit firmer, yet it's better/smoother. Doesn't feel like I'm going to go through the roof and the floor every time I come and go from my house now and I have no doubt you could crush that speed bump at 25 mph
  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    2016, 2.5 Eibach w/springs in the front, 2" block rear & eibach, 275 60 20 Wildpeaks, Westin HDX steps
  4. This one^^^ Had it on my last truck and put it on this one, like it, seals up pretty good around the tail gate and held up good for me.
  5. I had rough country 1/2" spacers on the front and the factory tires rubbed very lightly, I only notice when I pulled the tires to install eibach in the front, I got a 16. I bought the truck used with them in already. I have stock AT wheels and recently installed 275 60 20 Wildpeaks and they definitely rub more at full lock. Looking to do control arms in the future to mitigate, gonna monitor the ball joints on the uppers to see if they get sloppy.
  6. Snapped these quick after I got out of Discount Tire. Needs a wash but I'm very happy with it. These tires ride much better than stockers and hardly any more noise, went to 275 60 20. They eat up the small bumps in the road way better than the stock tires and ride much smoother.
  7. Is 6.2 worth $3700 extra?

    I go 75mph+ on the interstate, don't have a unicorn that gets 30mpg like some of these posts on mountain roads. My inferior old AWD never got me stuck, I just wish that it still was an option. It's actually in my hands and feet where I feel the difference and my head process it! It's still an AWESOME truck!!! We all like pics, here is my old yuppie mobile before the black grill, good think my kid is learning to play hockey & soccer!! 6.2!!! Happy Holidays everyone, safe travels in your trucks regardless of power train!!!
  8. Is 6.2 worth $3700 extra?

    With the 6.2 and AWD you could be very liberal with the skinny pedal and not have the rear tires wear out so fast! I had stock goodyears and then Cooper Xeon LTZ on my Sierra and on my Yukon I had the Bridgestones, KO2's, & AT3's. AWD was great in the snow, ice, rain, and the fire/dirt roads for hunting. I rotated every oil change, never had issues with tire wear, your leadfoot is heavier than mine! I'm done derailing the thread. 6.2 is awesome!!!
  9. Says I'm only allowed 4.88MB, here's the photobucket:
  10. Here some dirty truck pics this morning from when I dropped the kid off at school.
  11. Is 6.2 worth $3700 extra?

    I do but it doesn't feel the same as the full time AWD in the last 2 trucks, not as smooth especially low speed turning. New tires go on today so we'll see how that resolves the traction issues, especially in wet. Guess I just got used to and liked the AWD. I seem to get 17-18 on the highway no matter which of the last 3 vehicles I had. If premium wasn't about 30% more where I live I would have gotten a 6.2, no questions asked. I'm set to get rid of my company car and start driving my own so fuel cost became a concern (I also wanted to get as low of miles as possible for my budget and the 6.2 just wasn't there this time around)
  12. Is 6.2 worth $3700 extra?

    This time around for me the 6.2 wasn't worth it. Last 8 years I had a Blackbear tuned 6.2 in a Sierra Denali and a Yukon Denali. Got a 16 All Terrain now. August 2019 my 5.3 will be getting the tune when my warranty is gone, can't wait, 4 banger mode SUCKS!!! Sure, I miss the power when I want to step on it, but as a guy that just hauled an ATV or stuff for around the house, I don't miss it that much, I sure as hell don't miss it at the pump. Quite frankly I miss the AWD more than anything. Premium seems to be close to 30% more, I'm not a millionaire, trying to get there, trying to build a business and redo a house. Hopefully in a few years if things go good I can buy that CTS-V and get that 6.2 again...e39 M5 is going to be hard to pass over for that CTS-V, ain't always about all the speed. 6.2 is bad ass, if your finances allow don't hesitate!!!!
  13. Dan, I have a 2016 Crew Cab Sierra, my signature is old, it's a 2008 SD I used to have that I still kinda miss, AWD and 6.2. I'm at 18,000 miles. I've watched that video a few times before!!! My stock rancho's still rebounded and rebounded and rebounded... Anyways, got my struts in, going from the 1/2" Rough Country spacers in the front I measured about 37 3/4" and now I'm at 38 1/4", so about 1/2" more. Rough Country is supposed to be 2 and Eibach is 2.5". On par, right? Will see if it settles some. My rear has some 2" blocks I believe, measures 39 1/2". Lost about a 1/2" of rake, I don't haul a ton of shit all the time, but sure seemed to squat pretty easy before compared to my GMT 900 so will see if the new shocks have any impact on that, I'm not a fan of the nose high look and prefer the face down ass up rake!!! Maybe I'm going to need a bigger block. Factory Ranchos, I have an AT model so from what I think I know these are just the Z71 Rancho shocks, sweet pink in color! I have the factory Goodyear 275 55 20, 275 60 20 Wildpeaks go on tomorrow. Put about 30 miles on it after install, no interstate but had it up on some 55mph roads. First impression is I don't feel like I wasted money! My driveway has one of those stupid half curb aprons, before every time I went over it, it was bounce bounce bounce. Now it's just a bounce and done. Feels more like my wifes ES 350 and my company ride 2010 Ford Asscape when plowing that bump. Overall ride is noticeably smoother, just less cabin vibration if you will vs the stock shocks. Not that I would describe it as bad before but I did notice a smoother ride. Shocks just recover after bumps I guess, no land yacht ride with the bounce and float. Truck feels more planted and responsive. I would say the ride is surely no rougher over bumps and cracks in the road. You're in a truck and you still know it, it's just an even better ride than it was before, quieter and smoother than the 09 Yukon Denali I traded in on this truck. I haven't had any experience with the Bilstein, I went with these because of the marginal cost increase to install new springs and do away with the blocks/compressed stock springs that I thought could have an impact on ride. I didn't sleep at a Holiday Inn last night ( I had a couple glasses of Makers Mark) and I'm not a career automotive guy, just an enthusiast. I'll get some pics tomorrow of it with the stock tires and the Wildpeaks after. Probably going to be dark by the time I get the Wildpeaks on so may have to wait until Sat to get some pics of the dirty pig up.
  14. I'll let you know. I put the rear shocks on this weekend. I dropped the front strut assemblies off at the local shop today to have them swap the parts, I'm doing the Eibach springs and struts in the front, currently have the Z71 bouncy bouncy Ranchos with the rough country spacers. No interest in messing with a spring compressor, local shop is charging me $40 an assembly to swap parts. I'll have it installed by Friday...getting my 275 60 20 Wildpeak's installed Friday at Discount Tire and then alignment Saturday morning. Mine is a 16, I'm going to keep my stock AT rims. After swapping rear shocks the Eibach take way more force to compress than Ranchos when doing it by hand. The Eibach springs are much beefier than the stockers. I'm going to run them at the lowest clip setting for the ~2.5" of lift. I took some pre-measurements in the front, my eager ass forgot to take pre-measurements in the rear. I bought my 16 used with 13k miles on it, already had the rough country installed, so no clue what stock measurements are, but I'll make a post after I get them installed and put some miles on it.
  15. ^^^^^^^^^^^Silver Lake Sand Dunes!!^^^^^^^^^^ How's the truck like test hill or any of the other hills? Love that color, truck looks great!

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