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  1. So, I got my hands on a junk headlight. Tried with head gun and oven to get the light apart, I struck out. I was just destroying it. So, I cut the back off. Used the oscillating cutter, hardly made a mess and it took like 2 minutes to do. Way better than the hot knife. When I do the ones in my truck this is how I will be opening them. I removed the projector by taking out the 4 screws and unhooking the high beam connection and used a screwdriver to pop the shroud off of the projector. Must be the cheapest projector Germany ever made! There was an adjustment screw on the mount for the projector, but couldn't figure out how to get it apart without breaking it. So, I used my tin snips and cut the shroud so I could remove it. I remounted the projector and there is a little gap, will have to see how big the gap is with a new projector, my guess is pretty similar, will have to figure out some shroud solution. I really think if I had to I could cut a new shroud to get it back in and on a new projector and glue it from the back and you would never see the crack in the shroud unless you get your nose right up to the housing, which I'd be fine with. Now I'm off to find some projectors and shrouds and figure out how to mount them, leaning towards the mini d2s 5.0, definitely want a bi-xenon design. Going to order up some of those lasfit LED's for the turn signal too. Wish I could have gotten them apart to paint some of the chrome black, but pretty stoked that it looks like I'm going to be able to pretty easily swap out the projectors. Probably going to be another month til I get some parts and some mocking up done, but I'm gonna get this done.
  2. 4 piece Set of ProFlaps Mud Flaps Chevy/GMC 106 21“ mud Flaps. Removed them a year and a half ago when I got my 16 used. They are a little dirty but in great shape. They come with all the screws to mount them and what is pictured. Some of the mounting screws are in a bag. These things are heavy duty. According to ProFlaps these will fit a 2007-2020. Save a bunch. $145 shipped PayPal only. Will ship USPS with tracking. Edit make me an offer, just saw they retail for $97 a pair + $10 each to ship.
  3. Haven't had any luck finding any info on anyone swapping out the factory projectors in a 16 or newer Sierra D5S style headlight. My headlights got the jiggles, tried 2 after market D5S lamps, the most recent with the external Hylux ballasts. A few months back I bought the Fast Headlights kit, cut the back of one of my headlights off, only to discover that the factory projector has a shroud on it and wouldn't come out so returned the kit. Plan is to bake them and install new projectors, bulbs, and ballasts. Was going to order this kit up from Phil again, same one I returned a few months ago: https://www.fastheadlights.com/product-p/buy_d2s5_sierra_kit_hylux.htm I know the adapter plates he sells with it will match up with the factory mounting and the solenoid for the brights will be compatible as well. Plus has a 4300k kit, I have 5500 today and too blue for me. Current Hylux ballasts have been money in the D5S kit I have in there now. I would also like to swap out the halogen blinker for an LED, gonna need some resistors for that, any recommendation on a good LED that will outlast the truck? Also planning on painting some of the chrome black. Gonna tackle this around the end of Dec when I have some time off to take my truck out of service for a day. Any pointers for anyone that's done this headlight before?
  4. I had some DDM Tuning ones they were like $200, probably the same ones that are on ebay for cheap, these had some generic "DDM Tuning" stickers on them. Really liked the 4500k color on them, had the occasional time one didn't start up over the last year, way better output than stock. I upgraded to these about a month ago: https://www.distantxtremes.com/store/p1164/D5S-Hylux-HID-Upgrade-System.html#/ 5500k a little bluer but output still way better than the stock bulb and I have not had a single incident with one not firing. They come on a little slower, but I think that's why the come on every time. Only have to modify the dust cap, cut a hole in it to get wires out.
  5. I had a set last winter in WI. They are outstanding and a hell of a lot quieter and smoother driving than KO2! Most snow I had them in was about 12", no problem in 2wd. Icy conditions they were excellent as well, they almost stop as good as the wifes Bizzaks. I can only compare to Cooper AT3 and Cooper Zeon in the snow and I would take the Wildpeaks every time. We'll see how they do this winter with 16,000 miles on them.
  6. I had the DDM 5000k version of those morimotos, was a definite upgrade over factory, think it was about $200 off Amazon. Had a few times where one bulb didn't fire, hate that. Ended up going to this kit: https://www.distantxtremes.com/store/p1164/D5S-Hylux-HID-Upgrade-System.html#/ Got the hylux ballasts, was an easy install. Lights are ever so slightly more blue at 5500k, but they are brighter and they have a bigger hotspot as compared to the old upgrade bulbs. Really wanted to upgrade the projectors but after cutting the back of one of my headlights off I realized only way to do it on my 16 is to separate the lens which I'm not wanting to do. So far two thumbs up on the Hylux kit. Only beef is when I ordered they were on back order and I didn't know that until after I placed my order. Took 2 weeks to get but showed up as described. Pic shows DDM 35w bulb vs the kit.
  7. I have a 2016 Sierra and it has Android Auto, I thought I remembered reading something once that AA was added via update at some point on the 16's. I bought mine used a little over a year ago and it was on there. I'd call my local dealership and ask how much that update runs.
  8. Buddy had a Nissan, spent as much time in the dealers garage as his. Has had no issues with his Ford now. They all have issues. Wait until the new car smell wears off on that Tundra and you realize how much more comfortable your old seats were and how much better your old truck ran. I had a Tundra, really nice drive train, not too comfy of a ride. My current 16 5.3 Sierra has eaten 2 FI in 26,000 miles, my 3year 36 is up in 2 months. We'll see how this goes.
  9. I'm with you, I don't tow a lot. Last Sierra and Yukon I had both had the 6.2 tuned. Yeah, it's got more than the 5.3, but I really don't miss the 6.2 as much as I thought. I specifically hunted out a 5.3 too to avoid that 30% gas premium. My 3 year 36,000 is up in September and I'll promptly be getting a tune again to get rid of the tq and engine management and 4cyl mode and I'll have an even bigger smile every time I get in!
  10. Factory tires would slip when they forecasted 10% chance of rain. Put on Falken wild peak and you have to practically floor it to worry about losing any traction in rain. They were very good this past winter as well, snow and ice.
  11. Got rid of the chrome molding and a few emblems on the rear.
  12. Still working good, once every few months one won't fire, only beef is they seem to jiggle easy on the bumps, but what do you do? Factory output is pathetic.
  13. Rough Country pain in ass to install. Fit could be better RC grill dimensions are not a perfect match to the factory grill hole. Now I gotta fix up those paint chips.
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