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  1. Looking good! I pulled the steps out of the bumper but still a pain to do those tips.
  2. Man this drives me nuts I have a 21 and they wouldn’t do anything because all of them on the lot were like this. I took it apart and couldn’t find anything that looked out of place. Crooked steering wheel and camera haha.
  3. Thanks! I was looking for something to supplement the weak high beams but sounds like the rough country won’t do that. For how infrequently I use the highs I think I’ll just leave it alone, would be awesome to be able to mount up another set of the ss3 with the driving or spot lenses to work on high but I’m very satisfied with the lows!
  4. I got the GM hardcover one, was an accessory on the truck when I bought it, have always been a soft rollup user. I like that: I can put stuff on it because it's hard The front 1/3 lifts up and has a lock Doesn't sag It's more secure than a soft rollup (never had issues in the past but this is a plus) I don't like: not water tight, hard rain or car wash gets water in on the rear corners I can't fold it up against the rear window so when I need the whole bed above the cover I need to remove it, probably weighs 40lbs? If I still had my ATV I'd have never installed this just because of how often I'd have to load up the bed over the rails but with my current use case I'm going to keep running it, I only have to pull it a half dozen times a year, I can cram everything else under it or pop the front or back 1/3.
  5. You can have my start stop chip for the park assist. I don't think I'd miss the cylinder deactivation chip so that one can be donated to some heated seats, way more useful than the fancy engine stuff.
  6. Inspired by the gray one Here is a pic I put up in another thread. In a few days I'll have had her for a year and a little over 18k miles. 21 RST, 6.2, GM Performance Intake/Exhaust, powdercoated exhaust tips black, debadged truck, Diode Dynamics SS3 fogs, TRex grill insert and the steps, hardcover, & wheels I bought it with.
  7. Thanks. I added a pic of the whole truck from work this AM and a pic of the lights when I took off a little while ago.
  8. Got some Diode Dynamics SS3 Pro fogs on Black Friday and a TRex polished grill from the Mrs for Christmas. Got around to installing them. For the fogs, super easy, attach to mounting brackets, remove 3 factory fog bolts, mount SS3 fogs, plug in adapter, then plug in factory harness. Align (mine are pointed down as low as they go) Holy hell, these things put out a lot of light! They fill in the foreground, light up the right and left sides of the road and can see in the ditches now, and fill in a little of the low beams as well. The color is slightly warmer than the factory headlights. From the outside it looks the same, driving I hardly notice because it blends and I also like the warmer color better. One thing, I had to add those ferrite magnets to each one of the fog light harnesses. I picked up static on my radio with them on, the magnets fixed it. The TRex billet grill took all of an hour to install taking my time as it was the first time I removed my grill. After that it was installing the pieces in the order the instructions have. It was just aligning them left to right, installing a funny washer and a nut 3 times for each bar. The middle of the grill doesn't quite sit flush but you gotta move in for a close inspection to see it. No cutting or anything, completely removable to return to stock. Contemplating the Rough Country lights for the grill, but not sure if they will work with the look. Mine is a debadged RST. It is a 4x4 but I'm not doing any lifting or leveling, so much easier to use the truck and get stuff in and out of the bed. Just not going for that lifted look with the A/T tires this time. Attached a few pics of the before, during, and after. Happy with how it turned out, the fogs are amazing. Edit: also added the Oxilam 7440 LED Turns on the front with the resistors, haven't had an issue, but I'm in WI so it's not exactly warm out this time of year. They look way better than stock, $22.50 on Amazon. Updated 1/10 with a pic of the truck and some sweet lens flare pics of the lights at night.
  9. I'm on my 3rd 6.2 since 08, this one is the smoothest (21 6.2) with foot on brake, but still has a little shake from time to time. When I was getting the 08 tuned Justin mentioned to me that the truck is idling at some stupid low RPM and like lpg mentioned adding a little RPM will smooth it right out. He added a little to show me and then went super smooth, but then set back to stock range. If you leave the stupid stop/start on less shake time haha.
  10. Works as good as the stock one for me. Holds up in car washes.
  11. I’m in WI and I got a letter in the mail the other day saying it needed to be updated.
  12. Man I run up and down 41 from Milwaukee to Green Bay, cruise set at 78 and the best I can get is 18. That’s a stock 21 RST 6.2 10 speed with the car tires on it. Got 3600 miles, maybe needs to break in more.
  13. That looks awesome time to add it to the list! I put these led in the reverse of my 21 Silverado, no camera washout and brighter. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0728DYR9H/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_dlT1_VT6MVXZ768S2P3DKFSQD?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Did these on the plates, 2+ years on my 16 and no issues. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NQK5VGH/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_JTMC6PSH3ZAF68XHFJMZ?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  14. I removed the Silverado from everywhere on the truck along with the 6.2 hood. Heat gun, fishing line, goo gone. Gonna get a black RST when it warms up for the tailgate.
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