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  1. Thank you. I'm gonna pull the trigger.
  2. Looks great! Like the white letters out too!
  3. Question about the Fast Headlights Mini D2S projector upgrade...You don't get any shaking from the bulbs do you? Like you hit a bump and you can see the headlight jiggle on the road? I've pulled the dust cap on the driver side (I have a 16 Sierra with the factory HID) and you can move the bulb up and down with your hand a little bit which I'm confident is what causes the jiggling. Weather will hopefully turn here soon and I'm itching to pull the trigger on this upgrade. I'm a headlight upgrade and a tune away from not wanting to look at another vehicle for a looooong time! I have the 35w upgrade bulbs (DDM tuning flavor) and I've had a handful of times when one of those bastards doesn't fire and that fires me up!!!
  4. Both of mine do it too, got a 16. I have DDM 35w bulbs and notice it more because they are brighter. Got a level kit so fronts are turned down quite a bit. Have contemplated the projector swap but I'd be super pissed if it still did it after all that work. Don't know what to do, I'm gonna mess with it more when she warms up a bit.
  5. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Good to hear it's a solid product at a great price! Looks awesome!
  6. I got some 35W 4500k D5S, the DDM Tuning brand. Cons: -In 4 months I've had it happen probably 10 times where one of the lights didn't fire and I had to turn the lights off an on and it came on on the second try every time. -The light is a little bluer than the factory lights, this is a con for me, I like the whiter light. -When I hit bumps I can see the beam jiggle if you will or shake on the road, like the bulb or headlight is loose. Checked my headlights, they are tight, it's like the bulbs don't fit in sung enough to the socket or there is some other deficiency. Both headlights do it. I don't remember my factory lamps ever doing this. Pros: -THEY ARE WAY BRIGHTER, like at least 1.5 times brighter than the factory lamps -You can get different colors if you are into that -The beam pattern does not look to me to be any different than the stock beam pattern, no getting flashed by oncoming drivers and scattering light everywhere Even with the cons I won't go back to those piss poor factory lamps. Even with the new lamps the stock HID in our old 2011 5 series and the 2016 ES350 put these truck headlights to shame. I read the factory LED lights are way better, that would have been reason for me to find a truck with them. Live and learn and try some new headlight mods, truck is still pretty awesome!
  7. I have a 16 AT Crew Cab. I replaced my ranchos at 19k with the Eibach in the front with their springs and Eibach shocks in the rear and I added a bigger block to raise the rear 1". I only have about 1500 miles on it since the upgrades but I like the ride so much better. I have a half curb apron on my driveway and the factory shocks and struts would bounce like a damn trampoline over bumps. Eibachs eat the bumps up, its like you hit the bump and suspension compresses and rebounds and that's it, no compress rebound, compress rebound, and compress rebound over bumps like the ranchos. Ride is a hair firmer, but the new springs are surely stiffer, they are thicker than the factory springs and give the 2.5" of lift on the lowest clip setting. Truck is more planted on the road (doesn't feel like it's floating nearly as much anymore), less sway left to right, and ride was smoother in regards to vibration and small bumps from the road. Maybe re-using the factory springs would net a smoother ride, but who knows because you have to preload them to get the lift then (I think I'm saying that correctly). Now, i purchased this truck used and it had the rough country leveling blocks on the front so not sure how much that impacted the factory rancho ride, it surely had to. I haven't ridden in a truck with the 5100's but if they are anything like the Eibach you cannot go wrong. I only went with the Eibach because for a few more bucks you could get new springs and for whatever reason I liked the idea of new springs to get the desired front lift over preloading the front springs with the 5100s. I read some mixed reviews on ride quality on the highest setting with the 5100 and I knew that was what I would do...so I went with pretty much a completely unknown!
  8. 275 60 20 wildpeaks rub on my control arms at full lock with 2.5" Eibach lift. The stock 275 55 20 Goodyears rubbed on the control arm as well at full lock with the rough country spacers under the front strut. I have a 16 with the stock all terrain wheels. I had to trim the corner off of my mud flap and tie the inner fender back with zip ties to prevent any rubbing.
  9. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    How you like that grill? I've been eyeballing that sucker, that light bar throw off decent light? Truck looks sharp!
  10. Snow/Ice Tires

    We have had Blizzaks on my wife's last couple cars, a FWD Acura and a RWD 5 series, they are pretty damn good. I have some brand new Falken Wildpeaks on my truck and they are noticeably better than the Cooper Discoverer AT3s I had before, acceleration and stopping. They are the best 'snow' tires I've ever had.
  11. Sorry, I have the HDX for a couple months, like them a lot so far. Little gap between front fender and start of step, but not too shabby.
  12. 33s on stocks

    Good price, I paid $550 shipped for the Eibach pro lift kit from Tire Rack back in November. I finally installed a couple weeks ago and have about 900 miles on it. It's much nicer than the stock ranchos and blocks.. I did the 275 60 20 Wildpeak as well and they rub on the front of the UCA at full lock ( the factory tires did as well, just not as much) with the rough country blocks in the front. I have the stock AT wheels, contemplating some small, like 3/8" spacers to fix the rub, but I need to do some more research.
  13. Stock suspension upgrade

    I went with the Eibach on all 4 corners, my driveway apron is a mini curb and stock shocks would bounce and bounce. I went with the springs too in the front for the lift. The ride is a little bit firmer, yet it's better/smoother. Doesn't feel like I'm going to go through the roof and the floor every time I come and go from my house now and I have no doubt you could crush that speed bump at 25 mph
  14. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    2016, 2.5 Eibach w/springs in the front, 2" block rear & eibach, 275 60 20 Wildpeaks, Westin HDX steps
  15. This one^^^ Had it on my last truck and put it on this one, like it, seals up pretty good around the tail gate and held up good for me.

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