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  1. 2016 5.3 8 speed, mine does it too, 18,000 miles. More annoying than anything. Haven't taken it in for it, guess I figured they wouldn't be able to fix it and it's my only real complaint about this truck and figured going back and forth with the dealer to try and fix would make me hate the truck I'm otherwise fine with.
  2. Sierra as a Daily Driver

    That Makers Mark is some good stuff!! Some high octane 100 proof treat!
  3. Westin HDX step bar install

    Steps look great, looking to get some of those HDX myself. You got any pics with the lights powered up?
  4. Engine Light On...

    No problems starting it at all. I didn't really notice any rough idle either. It's butter smooth now for sure but I don't know if that's just because I'm paying attention. It seems to be smoother at stoplights, no stumble. My last 2 trucks had 6.2 and those pigs never idled smooth so this 5.3 just seems smoother at idle all the time. Long story short if there is a difference I can hardly tell.
  5. Engine Light On...

    I had the same code, 16 5.3 17k miles. I reset it, filled up with premium, went away for a couple weeks. Came back so I took it in and had injector on 8 replaced. Took them like half a day to do the repairs and before they could diagnose they had to let my truck sit for a couple hours to do a cold start.
  6. I got the DDM off of Amazon, look just like the hylux, 4300k. Very happy with increased output. No they don't project out further, it isn't that more of a function of the reflector design? The light is slightly more blue than factory, closer to the color of the fogs. They come on pretty fast and in the 2 weeks I've had them there have been no issues with them coming on.
  7. D5S DDM Tuning 35W Upgrade

    Guess I need to update my signature... Here are a couple phone pics to try and capture the color
  8. I just did this tonight, got the bulbs off of Amazon, I opted for the 4500K. My camera battery was dead and phone didn't do it justice, but comparing one 25W lamp to the 35W it looks like 2x as much light being thrown. Doesn't throw any further (not that I expected it to) but it illuminates the area much better, actually feels like I have HID. Plus when I turn on the fogs I don't think "damn these light up a lot of the road in front of me" nearly as much because the headlights are actually lighting up the road. Also, I have a 2016. Install was easy...after I wasted 30 minutes trying to locate elusive tabs to move up to release the bulb. Mine just twisted counter clockwise to loosen and just re-install the opposite way you take them out, like every other halogen I've changed in the last 25 years. I noticed the DDM ballasts make less noise than the stock ones and the 4500K color was ever so slightly bluer than my factory lights when comparing them side by side. Much closer to the color of the LED fogs but definitely not bluer than the fogs. I wanted to stay as close to stock color as possible. They were $200 vs $350 for the Morimoto. I was too chicken to get the $99 ones off of eBay, wouldn't be surprised if they were all the same lamps. With winter coming and more driving in the dark I'm really looking forward to being able to see better. If these suckers do anything funny like not light or crap out early I'll post back up. Even at $200 I'm satisfied with the results and I would do it again for the ease and the dramatic increase of light.
  9. I have a black leather 2nd row bench in my Yukon Denali, it is easily 9/10 shape, heat works and so does the power fold on both sides. Clean and no rips. I would like to trade the bench for the 2nd row buckets. Mine is NOT an XL so you need a regular Tahoe, Escalade, or Yukon to swap. Tried with someone with an 08 XL and the mounting brackets are different. I'm located in Fond du Lac Wisconsin, an hour north of Milwaukee and an hour south of Green Bay. Drop me a line if you are interested. I have tools to do the job, I bet with a little help it could be done in under an hour. If it gets cold again I have a heated garage. Thanks!
  10. Toyota 4Runner, went to the dark side.

    My wife had a 98 4runner and it was a good truck,served us well. Liked it better than my old s-10 blazers. Never had any major issues and ran it to 180k before selling. Nice ride!
  11. questions on tuners for my Denail

    Just watch for the BlackBear "meets" and wait for one in your area. I drove to Minneapolis a few years ago and got a tune on my 08 SD. I don't have that auto cal or anything, I just went for a ride with Justin, he plugged in and did his thing. I was willing to forgo any warranty issues for the tune and with yours being an 08 I'm pretty sure that there is no warranty left on yours. You could get a custom tune when ready and then sell your Diablo that you have today. I'm pretty sure that custom tune from Justin was in the cost area of that Diablo tune. I really have not seen any mpg gains, but the truck drives so much better and when you hit the gas it goes, downshifts without hesitation... definitely worth it!!
  12. Got My Katzkins

    Looks awesome, great job!
  13. Mamby Pamby Truck

    I like the bells and whistles and I'm glad I have the option to spend MY money on them. If I didn't want them I would buy the crank window AM/FM no sliding visor optioned out work truck Colorado I put 3x the miles on every year as my own vehicle. What is the option code for the ass scratching seats? Seems like a safety issue when I have to remove my hands from the wheel to take care of business.
  14. Hid Lights

    sweet, I'll be looking for install pics by 5. which kit is that? How long they bulbs take to come up to full brightness after you fire the lamps?
  15. Hid Lights

    that year denali projectors are not HID, but over on the denali form I hear of a lot of people running HID in them with good luck and good light coverage without blinding people. take it for what its worth, people say the same thing about their non-projector factory housings too. I have yet to see a denali in that year with HID added to the factory halogen projector housing.

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