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Strutmaster Install On 06 Denali Xl

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A while ago I posted this thread http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/index.php?...;hl=strutmaster where I was asking if anyone had gone down the strutmaster route. Surprisingly there are very few posts/threads on this topic so I figured I would provide my 2 pennys.


Both air shocks totally cooked and compressor is dead.

Through http://www.strutmasters.com I ordered the rear struts; $221 shipped, they include a pair of resistors which attach to the wires which are attached to the air shocks (you either need to cut off the factory connectors or splice the line). My understanding is that they defeat the dampening code.


The struts come with the resistors and instructions. Instrutions are easy to read but pretty high level.

Strutmaster shipped out same day and followed up with an email with tracking info.


Install wasn't to bad.

You absolutely need jack stands and a floor jack, 21mm impact with 4 inch extention a 21mm box end and various wire cutting/crimping or sodering tools.

Here's a secret; remove both air bags before you try to install either of the struts; you'll understand when you do it :lol:


After the install of the resistors and the struts my code of C0660 remains. Level Control Exhaust Valve Circuit Malfunction is the text of the code. Basically I need to track down why I'm getting a hard fault within the circuit. I have the GM esi info as well as a Tech2 so shouldn't be a big deal; just need to finish this so the code goes away. I'm guessing either the valve is stuck or their is a bad wire to the valve.


As a test I called strutmasters with the code info. They had tech support call me back; they explained the code and likely culprits. They were very helpful even tho this isn't really their issue. IE; their solution is working and is preventing the damper code.



The ride doesn't seem any worse or better then the factory air when it worked (definately better then with the air ride dead). My understanding is that strutmaster is coming out with a heavier strut if you tow alot; if you need higher tongue weight capacity.


All in all; I'll go this route again; I'd exspect some fiddling to get rid of the code but for $221 and lifetime warranty I don't think I can go wrong.


By the way; if anyone is interested in this solution I have a referral coupon from strutmasters; with it you'd get up to $25 off your order depending which solution you need. If anyone wants that coupon send me a message on this forum and I'll get sent over to you.

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strutmaster has come out with a heavier kit

the difference is that the heavier kit also includes replacement coils which are heavier then the factory ones


regarding the error code 0660; my issue is that my exhaust valve within the compressor is full open; should be 18 - 45 ohms




I did a 2nd install on a 2004 denali and we used the heavier kit; that truck has the 0660 error with the same full open condition.

The heavier kit sits about 3 inches taller then the regular kit when measured at the rear bumper.

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