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2500 Air Bag Install Check on Parts?

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I just got the following kit.




The instructions clearly show a single hole in the lower bracket to mount the bracket to the under side of the air bag. However, both brackets that came with mine have two wholes. If i use either, the air bag won't be centered on the bracket and would shift more toward front or rear?


Anyone run into this and/or know if a) two holes are correct and b) if so, should bags sit toward front or rear of the bracket?




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FYI: just from trying to fit, it turns out you use the hole towards the front of the vehicle. the lower plate still doesn't rest center on the pad.


Ran into three issues during install (well those not mentioned in manual):


1) had to cut one of the upper bracket corners (else it wouldn't fit with the gas tank)

2) the factor bump stops for the springs were more work than the instructions implied: "single tack weld, just bend back and forth to break"), I chose to grind the weld for the bracket and even after that, the plate wouldn't contact the main frame because the riser block (betweeen frame and stop bracket) interfered with the height of the bolts. I could have cut the bolts, but i chose to cut a string off the riser.

3) driver's brake lines is right in the way of the lower mounting bracket on the axle. Ideally i need to have this reshaped.

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