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right taillamp dead(not brake, turn or back up)

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SOLVED: Fuse....What happened to the good ol days when one fuse controlled more than one function? do we really need 3 fuses for one taillight?


just the basic tailamp function(as in: when you turn on your headlight, and the tailmaps light up too) is gone. I still have brake, turn, and back up lighting.


I installed some clear tailights I got for christmas just to appease those who bought them for me when it started, I have my OEM's back in and same problem.


THE BULBS ARE GOOD! (tested that)


I made sure the wiring harness was tight. I had to tug on the wiring to get enough give when installing teh aftermarket light due to their weird design, but if it happned then, wouldn't the all the functions be gone for both bulbs instead of one function for two bulbs?


I am going to insist that I never get car part related gifts ever again after this.

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Its your "Park Light" function that has failed.


Assuming the stock ones were working prior to install, I'd look at the connector to make sure a pin was not bent or pulled partially out of the truck side harness in the process of the install of the after market ones.


Did you try plugging it into the left side to make sure its not a fixture issue, this is where a multi meter would work to check the harness plug on the truck side for voltage on the proper circuit.

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