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8.1L and BullyDog


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Does anyone have experience with the BullyDog programmer and the 8.1? I'm specifically interested in if there was any fuel economy gains? I know that the hand tunes are the best, and I have the ability to tune the truck myself, but at this point I need a gauge that will read the temp of a 6 speed Allison. After doing a lot of research, it appears that the reason the 06's are bastards with this has to do with the communication bus. The 6 speed runs on a 4th generation TCM, while the ECM is still the older CAN protocol. According to what I've been told the ODB2 port is actually wired to allow communication with both of these protocols. Bully Dog is able to read both. So at this point I'm really spending coin on a product just to get the ability to pull transmission temps. Kinda excessive. If I'm going through all of that I'd like to get at least a canned tune that might pay for itself in fuel economy gains/savings until I have the chance to work on my own tune. So all of this really leads to.... If you have a bull Dog on an 8.1, did you see a fuel economy gain? if so how much?

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