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I have a 2007 new body silverado 6.0L getting these codes P0230, P1682, U0101, U0109, U0121 AND U0140. The truck has a really short crank cycle and when it does start it does not always shut off it will stay running with key turned off. Engine light is on,service air bag,abs,service stabilitrac,and the gauges will bounce and not hold mph also the gear indicator will move or disappear and my door locks cycle up and down.
It had a really small battery in the truck so I went there first cause everything points to loss of voltage and loss of communication. I put a yellow top in it and That did not change the issues. I'm drawing a blank could it be bad BCM? Or maybe wiring to BCM? I have upgraded the power and ground wires for the truck as well to 1/0 GAUGE and made sure the ground was bare metal. I have also swapped main fuse box bases under the hood cause my clips were broke and didnt seem tight around the plugs. I have inspected for chaffed wires next to the cab and frame,under the hood and dash there is nothing. Since doing all this new codes come up c0455, u2142, c0045, u0101, and b2645.
I have a mega fuse im going to swap out tonight and see if maybe its been worn or burned also gonna do some jumper wires on the grounds out of the bcm plugs.
Not sure what to do after this i'm drawing a blank and beating my head against the wall.
I do have another BCM to swap but was trying everything i could before that. Any ideas or info could help just need to get this fixed HELP
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I have access to a tech 2 and know what the codes are. Just don't know how to fix them. Most are loss communication errors.

p0230 fule pump relay dvr fail, p1682 diver 5 line 1, u0101 loss comm with tcm, u0109 loss comm with fuel pump control mod, u0121 loss comm w/anit brake and abs syst mod, u0140 loss comm with bcb, c0455 seering wheel angle sensor, c0045 lr wheel speed sensor circuit flaw, u0101 loss comm with trans control mod, b2645 ambient light sensor circuit flaw, and u2142 loss comm with yaw sensor

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