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GMT900 Pre-bent Tailpipes (same as gmt800)

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Just a question here, wondering how similar the exhaust from the mid pipe back is on the gmt900 half ton crew cab short bed trucks. Im not too interested in shelling out big bucks and i want stainless. I found pre-bent magnaflow tailpipes listed for 99-03 half tons. I have a friend with a welder who can do stainless, and a bunch of hangers and stuff from past projects. Im looking at magnaflow part number 15045 and 15046 $50 each, and a 10778 $30 to split the muffler outlet into two. I am thinking of using this with the stock muffler but moving it forward to accombidate the y and the tailpipes. This is primarily for getting the exhaust out the back for looks. Any input would be appreciated.



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