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Can the driver seat be moved?


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I'm a crane operator and have spent a lot of years driving heavy truck as well. Kenworths and most of the cranes I operate often have a second set of holes for the seat. Just turn the bolts out and move the whole thing back 2 " into the pre drilled holes. ( on the crane I'm sitting in right now they are even threaded)


My question is if there is anything there in my 2008 silverado. It's an LT crew cab 1500. With manual seats. I don't want to cut into my carpet to find out there isn't an extra set of holes. I'm fairly tall so on long drives so being so close can be hard on my knee. Especially my right. I'm not worried about losing back seat space as I rarely have more then one passenger.


Anyone ever looked or moved their seat back? Is it possible? I don't want to get into modding the floor as I'm sure if u had an accident and an insurance guy found that out you might be in trouble.


Any help appreciated.

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