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Newbie Questions about AT Tires


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I have a 2009 Silverado LT Extended 2wd. My tire size is 275/55/20.


I don't want to install a lift kit, just replace the radials I have w/ an AT tire. I'm only off-road about 20% of the time but I'd like that extra traction when I need it.


I'm assuming the factory installed my current size? I don't want to get new rims either.


What are the common AT sizes and brands that would be good choices for 20 inch rims?


My budget is around $1000







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I could be wrong, but from personal experience in my area, it would be quite difficult to meet that budget with 20" wheels. I don't think you need to blow way over it, but I think you'll end up spending a bit more. Again, not knowing where you are from, perhaps tires are cheaper where you are at than where I am at.


I just bought Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx, $400/tire.


I think the Toyo Open Country AT-II were about $350/tire locally.



Have you tired looking at tire review websites?

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Thanks for the reply. I live in MI.


What about the "Goodyear All-Terrain Adventure w/Kevlar"?


Tire Rack has them for $214 each in a 275/55/20


I'm not married to this size, mind you- I just want to keep the 20" rims & not have to get a lift kit.


I could go over my $1000 budget a bit if I need to.

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