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New member, have question about 85 Suburban 4x4


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New member here! From Tishomingo, OK... small town close to Texas by Lake Texoma.


Just under 200,000 miles... what issues, life span, etc., do you think she would have with this many miles? I know it's only around 7,000 miles per year, which is low, but I've had a terrible past exp. with a car that sat for a few years with low miles, having nearly every freeze plug and o-ring ate through.


I am looking for a 'new' car and I have two little girls, so I need something that will be reliable and will last for at least 3-4 more years w/o having to put much money back into it (like my last SUV!).


Here she is and if anyone can give me advice on the price/is it worth it/etc.





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