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4.10s and a different header option

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First off I know the whole 4.10 vs 3.73 gears is a topic that's talked about alot but it's all about gas mileage and such.

Anyways I have a 4 door 07 silverado with a 5.3 and 3.73s stock. I also have 22in rims, slotted rotors, and a custom steel drive shaft. All that makes my truck heavy and I have to push the gas pedal almost all the way down just to make it move normal and I'm wondering if 4.10 gears would help make it not struggle and performance(pulling and speed) wise better. (I also have a programmer that would tune it to 4.10s if so.) Gas mileage I don't care about, I'm driving a crew cab "GAS" chevy with a little 5.3.

Now for the headers I have JBA shorty headers. I also have a set of longtube paceheaders but something with not passing emissions test so I never put them on.
Anyways has anyone every just have shorties, then add 2 after market cats, then add 3in pipe after the cats all the way to the muffler? Since the longtube headers are 3in. Or possibly add dummy cats so I can still use my o2 sensors.

I could do my longtube headers with cat backs but that's a lot of rewiring all the way to the back and I don't want to mess with.

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