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Radio Controls



I recently purchased a 2016 canyon it's the base model crew cab and it doesn't have the radio controls on the steering wheel. It also has the 4.2" screen and not the 8"


Question 1-If I buy a steering wheel off of ebay with the radio controls will my 4.2" model work with the controls or does some sort of programming have to be done?


Question 2 (not looking to do this now) If I buy a 8" screen to replace the 4.2" screen what other things would I need to buy in order for it to work? I was looking at doing an aftermarket one but after seeing you have to cut stuff and the stock radio can not be put back in I am against doing that. So I would prefer to buy a GM oem 8" radio.


Thank you for the help!

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I am also interested in doing something like this with my base model WT, however mine is a 2017. But I'm also interested in the steering wheel swap to also give me cruise control. I plan to upgrade to the 8" IO5 when I decide to save up and purchase it from gm-navigation.com. That's gonna run me $1400 though, ouch. Hopefully someone can chime in that has successfully done this before.


I'm going into the dealership Thursday to get my key fobs programmed and installed finally. I feel so stupid opening a 2017 with a key. Got a great deal on my WT, but God damn, you'd think keyless entry and cruise control would come standard nowadays.

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