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Escalade 6-disc into 1996 Yukon

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I bought the changer from a car audio place on eBay. It was pulled from an Escalade and replaced with something else and was $185 (plus $15 for shipping).


The install wasn't too bad: The bezel was easy as I simply made a template of the new unit and cetered it over the existing opening and used a Dremel to slowly open it up until it was a tight fit.


Inside the dash I had to completely remove the rails that the stock unit's brackets rode on as the 6-disc is almost a full inch wider than the stock single. I also had to remove a bit of plastic at the back of the bay, and it's tight enough that it's friction-fit - no mechanical fasting required, and it does not move. Just take out small amounts of plastic at a time and keep testing it until it fits.


Overall, from first removing the dash to playing CD's it took about 3 hours. I'd certainly do it again.

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