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Here's a strange one (PC)

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I'm not asking for help, I already solved the problem, but it's so strange I thought I would share.


I recently updated my BIOS and and added a new NVMe drive, and went ahead and reinstalled windows. Then, suddenly, after several days of flawless operation, it won't post at all.


So I cleared CMOS. Then I was trying to remember the bizzare handshake my rig needs to post after CMOS clear. There is something that doesn't agree with something else and you have to do power, clearing, rebooting, rebooting into BIOS blindly because it won't send a video signal, then rebooting again. I just stumbled on the procedure when I replaced have the system but never wrote it down, and wasn't too concerned because it works so well once it's done. (That's what this post is about, finally figures it out). After the latest hardware change I tried Fast Boot again, (saves like 2 seconds) so nce it used to not work, likely because the VBOIS/1070 don't agree with the Fast Boot process (that's what the warning is if it doesn't work). And it suddenly worked, which seems odd since I hadn't done anything with the 1070, so I figured they fixed a flaw in the BIOS. So for a few days it worked great, until today.


I would power off, clear CMOS, power on, it about 30 different combinations, and when it worked it took over a minute to START to post. Something was obviously wrong so I started playing around with fast boot again. It took a while, but finally realized, after trying everything that made sense and started doing stuff that didn't, that upon initial boot, after CMOS clear or a fast boot issue,  the Video Card won't initialize with a display port cable plugged in.




I did the whole process again to confirm, as soon as I unplugged the cable from the card the system will boot.


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