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Tired of being told it cant be done

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Alright here it is. I have a 2005 gmc yukon denali with the 6.0 l engine i jusr recently purchased and i belive i am in it way to deep already. But i always said in for a penny in for a hundred.

So i want to lift it and build the engine up im wanting to do at least a 6" lift with coil-over suspension at all 4 corners. I keep getting told i cant do it???

So i want to cam the engine along with a programable chip maybe stage 3 chip want to do roller rockers and a crank (stroker).

They said no way.. 

Im going to do custom interior probably fiberglass where the third row was at from the factory. But am looking for custom bright green leather or something seat covers.

Everyone says its going to cost way to much to do this and it cant be done or its not worth it???

It is at 280 on the odometer and at the threshold where sensors are starting to go bad( knock sensor,maf,coilpacks, etc.) So if i got to tear into the motor to fix sensors might as well upgrade along the way.

So im looking for any kind of information that could help me along the way.if you know of any interchangeable parts i could look for when im out at the salvage yards that would help me on this journey please tell

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