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2016 Silverado Rear Sliding Window NOT working. Need some direction please....

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New here but I have read plenty of posts and tried to sort this already beaten topic with prior posts but I am stumped.


I have a 2016 Silverado. The 110 plug in the console quit working the other day, I can hear the fuse pop when I try to use it. I changed out the inverter and it works. I also thought I would fix the NON working sliding glass window a the same time. I have read on hear that the charging pad and wiring harness could be the problem.  The door cuts the wire when it opens and closes.  I ordered a new wiring harness that goes from the plug before the console door and I ordered a new updated charging pad from Dr Harness thinking maybe it would charge my iphone 12. 


I took everything apart and removed the old charge pad and wiring harness. Then I cut back the factory loom/tape on the wires and sure enough they were cut, completely through.  I installed the new wiring harness with a new charge pad. For the past 2 years I have had the small lightening bolt next to my phone icon on my dash that tells me the charging pad is charging, even though there isn't a phone on it. With the new harness and pad the the lightening bolt is now gone.  Set my iphone on there and it doesn't charge, ugh. That isn't really a big deal. Try the rear window and it doesn't work.  This is the problem. 


I start verifying I have power everywhere.  I have power to the charging pad, I have power to the switch.  So that tells me my short problems with the harness are solved, I hope. I changed the fuse for the sliding glass window as well, number 39 on the passenger side, 30 Amp Pink square one.


I am sure it's not the motor because the last time it worked I had changed the fuse and it worked one time, open then close.  Then I opened and closed the console and it quit.  I was mad and left it alone. Now I would like to fix it.


Sorry for the long post but wanted to get you the whole story.


Thank you



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I got it to work!!!!!


I woke up this morning thinking "I know that pink 30 amp is not the one I changed a few years ago."  I started on the drivers side at the bottom and pulled each fuse and inspected it.  When I got to fuse number 2 (SEO RAP (10A)) it was busted.  I replaced that and BOOM it is all working now.  The charging pad is now charging as well.






truck fuses 1.jpg

truck fuses 2.jpg

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